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Kerry is one of the counties in the province of Munster, the name comes from the Irish Ciarraigh, an ancient tribal group which occupied the area. It is situated on the south west corner of Ireland it shares a county boundary on the east with Cork and Limerick, the Atlantic coast forms its boundary to the west and north, with Slea Head on the Dingle peninsular being the most westerly point in mainland Ireland. The county has a total land mass of 4,701 sq. Km (1,815 sq mi).

The highest mountain in Ireland Carrantuohill, (1041 m 3414 ft.) in the Macgillicuddy's Reeks (Na Cruacha Dubha, meaning 'The Black Tops') which are glacial carved sandstone and are situated on the Iveragh peninsula near the Lakes of Killarney.

There are over 100 other mountains in the range which exceed 2000 ft. The name of the range from the Irish Clan Macgillicuddy (or McGillycuddy) which owned land in this part of County Kerry for a long time prior, and continued to do so until the extreme latter part of the twentieth century.

The last Ice Age is to thank for the rugged grandeur of Kerry, it was it that carved out its famous lakes and sculpted the jagged mountain peaks from the hard sandstone on which most of southern Kerry and the Dingle peninsular sits, The peninsulas of Dingle, Iveragh, and Beara stretch out into the Atlantic Ocean, between these are the sea inlets of Dingle Bay and the Kenmare River.


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