Irish E Postcards.

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E-cards the eco friendly way to greet your friends.

Send any image on your computer as an e postcard to a friend click here to begin.

Send a virtual postcard to your friends and family, you Be eco friendly, send e christmas cards this year.can choose from over 350 images, you can also add background music to your card, select an option from the red menu above or scroll down to the categories thumbnails.

  1. Choose an image and click on it to begin, you can send the card to up to six people.
  2. Fill in the form that appears.  Make sure that you get the recipient's email address correct!
  3. You can choose music which will play when your card is opened.
  4. Preview the card. You can still make any changes if you want to.
  5. Finally just press the send button.
  6. You will get an E mail when your friend collects their card.

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