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Help coastal communities in the UK and Ireland.

I would like to see the fishing industries of Ireland and the United Kingdom supported by the public in a cDutch factory ship, help us stop it and others plundering our home watersampaign to recover fishing quotas from factory ships registered and operated outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom and to prevent them exploiting the traditional fishing grounds of these countries. This is resulting in people both in the fishing and supporting industries many of whose families have been engaged in fishing for generation losing their livelihood and in many cases their businesses.

t is grossly unfair and totally immoral that a Dutch family owned factory ship (one of several) should hold 23% of the UK fishing quota. Boats in Ardglass help us protect their livlihood.Boats like this sell their on board processed and frozen catch mostly to Africa, not that is wrong but it deprives the fish processing industries of UK and Ireland of fish to process resulting in job losses and loss of revenue to the respective companies and the countries.

Please help us to exclude large factory ships plundering traditional Irish and United Kingdom fishing grounds, causing job losses and business failures in both the fishing industry and in fish processing, resulting in revenue loss not only to the local community but to our respective governments which impinge on us all.

We would ask you to add your voice by signing our petition at and telling your friends also.

Thanks for your time.