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Irish Place Names

Place Names of Ireland.

List of Irish Place Names.

Mostly taken from P W Joyces' book

Irish Local Names Explained.

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Town Name.




Ulster Towns Directory of 1910
Abbey | in 1837 Co Clare   00000000000
Abbeydorney | in 1837 Co Kerry    
Abbeyfeale | in 1837 Co Limerick Abbey of the river Feale.  
Abbeygormagan | in 1837 Co Leitrim    
Abbeygormican Co Galway The abbey of the O'Cormacans.  
Abbeyknockmoy | in 1837 Co Galway

Abbey of the Hill of Muaidh


Abbeymahon | in 1837 Co Cork    
Abbeylaragh | in 1837 Co Longford The monastery of Lerha  
Abbeyshrule Co Longford From a monastery founded there by one of the O'Farrells. It was anciently called Sruthair [Sruher], F. M., i. e. the stream, of which Shrule is a corruption.  



Abbey of the half-rath  
Abbeyleix Co Laois Abbeyleix ; the abbey of the old principality of Leix, so called from a monastery founded there in 1183 by Conor 0'Moore. In the reign of Felimy the Lawgiver (A. D. 111 to 119), this territory was given by the king of Leinster to Lughaidh Laeighseach [Lewy Leeshagh], Conall Carnach's grandson, for helping to expel the Munstermen who had seized on Ossory. Lewy's descendants, the O'Moores, took from him the tribe name, Laeighis [Leesh], and their territory was called by the same name, now modernized to Leix.
Abbeystrowry | in 1837 Co Cork The same name as the last. The sruthair or stream from which it was called, gave name also to Bealnashrura (the beal or ford-mouth of the stream) a village situated at an ancient ford.  
Achill Sound Co Mayo    
Achill Island Co Mayo    
Achonry Co Sligo Achadh-Chonaire [Aha-Conary], F. M., Conary's field.  
Aclare Co Sligo

Ford of the plank




Lake of the two caves  
Adare Co Limerick Ath-dara [Ah-dara], F. M., the ford of the oak tree. A large oak must have anciently overshadowed the old ford on the Maigue.  
Addergoole Co Mayo Addragool, Adrigole, Adrigoole; Eadar-dha-ghabhal [Adragoul], i. e. (a place) between two (river) forks.  
Aderrig Co Dublin Ath-dearg, red ford. See Aghaderg.  
Affane Co Waterford On the Blackwater below Cappoquin; Ath-mheadhon, [Ah-vane], F. M., middle ford.  
Aghaboe Co Laois Aghaboe in Queen's County, where St. Canice of Kilkenny had his principal church. Adamnan in his Life of St. Columkille, written in the seventh century, has the following passage, which settles the meaning:-"St. Canice being in the monastery which is called in Latin Campulus bovis (i. e. the field of the cow), but in Irish Ached-bou"
Aghaboy Co Monaghan Achadh-buidhe [Aha-boy], yellow field.  
Aghabullogue Co Cork    
Aghacross Co Cork Near Kildorrery in Cork; the ford of the cross; probably from a cross erected in connexion with St. Molaga's adjacent establishment, to mark a ford on the Funcheon. See Templemolaga.  
Aghada Co Cork Ath-fhada [Ahada], long ford.  
Aghaderg   Ath-dearg, red ford. See Aderrig.  
Aghadoe Co Kerry Near Killarney; Achad-da-eo [Aha-daw-o], F. M., the field of the two yew trees.  
Aghadowey Co Derry Achadh-Dubhthaigh [Ahaduffy], O'C. Cal., Duffy's field.  
Aghadown Co Cork And Aghadoon; the field of the dun or fort.  
Aghadreen   Aghadreenagh, Aghadreenan, Aghadrinagh; the field of the dreens or sloe bushes (draeighean)  
Aghafad   Aghafadda; long field.  
Aghagallon Co Antrim The field of the gallan or standing stone.  
Aghagower Co Mayo The correct name would be Agha-fower, for the ancient form, as found in the old Lives of St. Patrick, is Achadh-fobhair, the field of the spring, from a celebrated well, now called St. Patrick's well. The present form is written in Hy F., Achadh-gabhair, which means the field of the goat.  
Co Mayo Agha field.  
Aghalee Co Antrim  Achadh Lí "field of calves Aghalee
Aghamore   Achadh-mor, great field.  
Aghanloo   Athan-Lugha, Lugh's or Lewy's little ford.  
Aghavea Co Fermanagh Achadh-beithe [Ahabehy], F. M , the field of the birch trees.  
Aghaveagh Co Donegal and Tyrone; same as last, the field of the birch trees.  
Aghavilla   Aghaville, Aghavilly; Achadh-bhile, the field of the bile or old tree.  
Aghaviller Co Kilkenny Achadh-biorair [Ahabirrer], F. M., the field of the watercresses  
Aghindarragh Co Tyrone The field of the oak. Aghintamy near Monaghan ; Achadh- an-tsamhaidh, the field of the sorrel.  
Aghern | in 1837 Co Cork    
Aglish | in 1837 Co Cork    
Allihies Co Cork    
Aghmacart Co Laois in Queen's County; the field of Art's son.  
Aghnamullen Co Monaghan The field of the mills.  
Aghnaskea   Aghnaskeagh, Aghnaskew; Achadh-na-sceach, the field of the white-thorn bushes.  
Aghowle Co Wicklow Achadh-abhla, the field of the apple trees.  
Aglish   Eaglais [aglish], a church.  
Aglishcloghane Co Tipperary The church of the cloghaun or row of stepping stones.  
Aglishcormick Co Limerick St. Cormac's church.  
Aglishdrinagh Co Cork Eaglais-draeighneach, the church of the dreens or sloe bushes.  
Agolagh Co Antrim; Ath-gobhlach, forked ford.  
Ahacross | in 1837 Co Cork    
Ahane   Ahaun; Athan, little ford.  
Ahaphuca   The ford of the pooka or spright.  
Ahascragh Co Galway Ath-eascrach, F. M,, the ford of the esker or sand-hill.  
Ahoghill Co Antrim   Ahoghill
Aille   Aill, a cliff.  
Alleen   Aillin, a little cliff.  
Alt   Alt, a height, the side of a glen.  
Altan   Little cliff or glen side.  
Altaturk   The glen side of the boar (torc).  
Altavilla   The glen side of the bile or old tree.  
Altinure   Alt-an-iubhair [yure], the glen side of the yew tree.  
Altnaveagh   And Altnaveigh; Alt-na-bhfiach, the cliff or glen side of the fiachs or ravens.  
Anna   Eanach, a marsh.  
Annabella Co Cork near Mallow; Eanach-bile, the marsh of the bile or old tree.  
Annaclone Co Down The marsh of the meadow (cluain).  
Annacotty Co Limerick Ath-na-coite, the ford of the cot or little boat.  
Annacramph Co Armagh and Monaghan; Eanach-creamha, the marsh of the wild garlick.  
Annaduff   Eanach-dubh, F. M., black marsh.  
Annagh   Eanach, a marsh.  
Annaghaskin Co Dublin, near Bray; Eanach-easgann, the marsh of the eels.  
Annaghbeg   Little marsh,  
Annaghmore Co Armagh Great marsh.  
Annahagh   Annahaia in Monaghan and Armagh; Ath-na-haithe, the ford of the kiln (aith).  
Annahavil   Eanach-abhaill, the marsh of the orchard (abhall).  
Annahilt Co Down Eanach-eilte, the marsh of the doe (eilit).  
Annakisha   The ford of the kish or wickerwork causeway.  
Annagassan Co Louth Ford of the paths  
Annalong | Co Down Ath-na-long, the ford of the ships (long): the ford was near the place where vessels used to be moored or anchored.  Annalong
Annamoe Co Wicklow Ath-na-mbo, the ford of the cows (bo).  
Anny   Eanach, a marsh.  
Arboe Co Tyrone Ard-bo, the cow's height.  
Ard;   High; a height.  
Ardagh   Ard-achadh [Ard-aha], high field.  
Ardaghy   High field.  
Ardan   Ardane, Ardaun; little ard or height.  
Ardara Co Donegal Ard-a'-raith, the height of the rath, from a hill near the village, on which stands a conspicuous fort. Ardara
Ardataggle   Ardateggle; Ard-a'-tseagail, the height of the rye (seagal).  
Ardbane   Ardbaun; white height.  
Ardbeg   Lttle height.  
Ardbraccan Co Meath St. Brecan's height. St. Brecan erected a church here in the sixth century, some time previous to his removal to the great island of Aran, where he had his chief establishment.  
Ardcarn   The height of the carn or monumental heap.  
Ardcath   The height of the battle (cath).  
Ardare | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick    
Ardee | Lewis 1837 Co Louth Old English form Atherdee, which represents the Irish Ath-Fhirdia [Ahirdee], as it is written in Irish authorities, the ford of Ferdia, a chieftain who was slain there in battle by Cuchullin in the first century.  
Ardeen Co Cork And Kerry; little height.  
Ardeevin   Ard-aeibhinn, beautiful height.  
Arderin   The height of Erin or Ireland.  
Ardfert Co Kerry Ard-ferta, E. M., the height of the grave. Sometimes called Ardfert-Brendan, from St. Brendan the navigator, who founded a monastery there in the sixth century.  
Ardfinnan Co Tipperary The height of St. Finan, who founded a monastery there in the seventh century.  
Ardgeeha   Ard-gaeithe, height of the wind.  
Ardglass | Lewis Co Down Ard-glas, green height. Ardglass
Ardgoul   Ard-gabhal, high fork.  
Ardkeen   Ardcaein, beautiful height.  
Ardkill   High church or wood (cill or coill).  
Ardlougher   Ard-luachra, rushy height.  
Ardmayle   Ard-Maille, E. M., Malley's height.  
Ardmeen   Smooth height.  
Ardmillen Co Down Height of the mill  
Ardmore Co Waterford In various counties; great height.
Ardmulchan Co Meath Ard-Maelchon, E. M., Maelchon's height.  
Ardnacrusha   Ardnacrushy; the height of the cross.  
Ardnageeha   Ardnageehy; the height of the wind (gaeth).  
Ardnanean   The height of the birds (en).  
Ardnapreaghaun   The height of the prehauns or crows.  
Ardnarea Co Mayo Near Ballina; Ard-na-riaghadh [reea], Hy F., the hill of the executions. Four persons were executed here in the seventh century, for the murder of Kellach, bishop of Kilmore-Moy.  
Ardnurcher Co Westmeath A corruption of Athnurcher, from Ath-an-urchair, F. M., the ford of the cast or throw. According to a very ancient legend, a battle was fought here in the first century, between the Connaught and Ulster forces. Keth Mac Magach, a Connaught chief, threw a hard round ball at Conor mac Nessa, king of Ulster, and struck him on the head, from the effects of which the king died seven years afterwards.  
Ardpatrick   St. Patrick's height.  
Ardrahan   Ard-rathain, the height of the ferns.  
Ardskeagh   The height of the skeaghs or bushes.  
Ardstraw Co Tyrone; Ard-sratha [Ard-srawha], F. M., the height of (or near) the river holm.  
Ardvally   in Donegal and Sligo. See page 1.  
Ardvarna   Ardvarness, Ardvarney, Ardvarnish; Ard-bhearna and Ard-bhearnas, high gap.  
Arless Co Laois in Queen's County; Ard-lios, high fort.  
Ardrahan Co Galway Ard Raithin  
Ardress Co Armagh Height of the Brambles.
Ardvoley Co Leitrim    
Arklow | Lewis 1837 Co Wicklow An tInbhear Mór  
Arvagh Co Cavan    
Armagh City   Macha's Height. Legendary queen Arnagh City
Armagh; Co Armagh Written in all Irish authorities Ard-Macha, which, in the Book of Armagh, is translated Altitudo Machae, Macha's height. From Queen Macha of the golden hair, who founded the palace of Emania, 300 years B.C.  
Armaghbreague Co Armagh The ‘false’ Armagh. Breug in Irish means the deceiver or the lie and denotes the non-true Armagh.  
Armoy Co Antrim Airthir-Maighe [Arhir-moy], F. M., eastern plain. Armoy
Artimacormack Co Antrim Ard-tighe-Mic-Cormaic, the height of Mac Cormack's house.  
Artrea Co Derry Ard-Trea (Mart. Taml.), Trea's height. The virgin St. Trea flourished in the fifth century.  
Askeaton   Took its name from the cataract on the Deel near the town, which the F. M. call Eas-Gephtine [Ass-Geftine], Gephtine's cataract.  
Assaroe Co Donegal At Ballyshannon. The Book of Leinster states that Aedh-Ruadh [Ay-roo], queen Macha's father (see Armagh), was drowned in this cataract, which was thence called from him Eas-Aedha-Ruaidh [Assayroo], Aedh-Ruadh's waterfall.  
Assan   Assaun; small ass or waterfall.  
Assey Co Meath On the Boyne in Meath. The F. M. record that in A. D. 524 "the battle of Ath Sithe [Ah-Shee] was gained by Muircheartach (king of Ireland) against the Leinstermen, where Sithe [Shee] the son of Dian was slain, from whom Ath-Sithe (Sithis ford) is called."  
    Eas Geitine  
Ashford Co Wicklow    
Athenry Co Galway Ath-na-riogh [ree], F. M., the ford of the kings.
Athgoe Co Dublin The ford of the gow or smith.  
Athea Co Kerry    
Athlacca Co Limerick From a ford on the Morning Star river, called Ath-leacach, stony ford.  
Athleague Roscommon Ath-liag, F. M., the ford of the stones.  
Athlone Westmeath Fom the ancient ford over the Shannon, called in Irish authorities Ath-Luain, the ford of Luan, a man's name.  
Athneasy Co Limerick Called in the F. M., Ath-na-nDeise [Athnaneasy], the ford of (the tribe of) the Desii, who inhabited the old territory of Deisbeag, round Knockany.  
Athnid Co Tipperary The ford of the nead or bird's nest.  
Athnowen, Co Cork A parish near Ballincollig in Cork; from a ford on the river Bride, called Ath-'n-uamhainn [Ath-nooan], the ford of the cave (uaimh), from the great limestone cave at " The Ovens," near the ford.  
Attavally   Ait-a'-bhaile, the site of the bally or town. Atti or Atty in the beginning of a name, is the anglicised form of ait-tighe [aut-tee], the place or site of a house (ait and teach).  
Attidermot   The site of Dermot's house.  
Attiduff   The site of the black house.  
Attykit   The site of Ceat's or Keth's house.  
Aughall Co Tipperary And Aughil in Derry; Eochaill, the yew wood (eo and coill). See Youghal and Oghill.  
Augher | Lewis 1837 Co Tyrone BT77    
Aughinish   Each-inis, F. M., the island of horses.  
Aughnacloy | Lewis 1827 Co Tyrone BT69 Aehadh-na-cloiche [Ahanacloha], the field of the stone. Aughnacloy
Aughnahoy   Achadh-na-haithe, the field of the kiln (aith).  
Aughnanure Co Galway Near Oughterard in Galway; Achadh-na--niubhar [Ahananure], the field of the yew trees. One of the old yews still remains. (1906)  
Aughnish   Same as Aughinish.  
Aughrim | Lewis 1837 Co Galway The name is written in Irish documents, Each-dhruim [Agh-rim: dh silent], which Colgan translates Equi-mons, the hill, druim, or ridge, of the horse (each).  
Aughris   Aughrus; Each-ros, F. M., the peninsula of the horses.  
Avalbane   Avalreagh; white orchard, grey orchard (abhall).  
Avonmore   Avonbeg; great river, little river (abhainn).  
Aubeg   Abh-bheag, little river.  
Ayle   same as Aille  
An Daingean Co Kerry 'Dinglel'  
An Spidéal      
Athy Co Wicklow Athy. One of the battles between Lewy and the Munstermen (see Abbeyleix), was fought at a ford on the Barrow, where a Munster chief, Ae, was slain; and from him. the place was called Ath-I (Wars of GG), the ford of Ae.
Antrim Co Antrim    
Annacotty Co Limerick    
Ardare | Lewis 1837 County Limerick The ford of the oaks  
Ardglass Co Cork  Glas' height or green height  
Ardglass Co Down Glas' height or green height  


Co Antrim

Eoghan's heights  
Armagh Co Armagh BT60 & 61    
Athenry Co Galway    
Askeaton | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick    
Audleystown Co Down Anglo Norman family Audley  
Aughagower Co Mayo    
Aughnaleck Co Field of the Flagstones.
Aughleam Co Mayo    
Avoca Co Wicklow    
Avondale Co Wicklow    
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