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John George Adair

(March 3, 1823 – May 4, 1885)

John John George AdairGeorge Adair, sometimes known as Jack Adair, [John George Adair.] born in County Laois, he attended Trinity College Dublin where he trained for the diplomatic service. His family who were of Scottish descent owned extensive tracts of land in Ireland, including the large Glenveagh Castle estate, he is famed mainly for the evictions of forty-seven families in Derryveagh, County Donegal, which incited the Donegal poet William Allingham to write the poem The Eviction.

Adair's temperament was not suited to the diplomatic service instead he must have initially pursued a military career

Picture of evicted familyAdair made much of his fortune in the United States where he supplied the capital for a ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon of the Texas Panhandle. In its peak year in 1883, the JA Ranch encompassed 1,335,000 acres (5,400 km2) in portions of six Texas counties and boasted 100,000 head of cattle.

In 1860, Adair went hunting on land he had rented to tenants in violation of the rental agreements. When the tenants objected, an irate Adair threatened them. A year later, in April 1861, with the force of the law behind him, he removed forty-seven families from forty-six houses in Derryveagh in County Donegal, Ireland. The evictions were part of Adair's efforts to beautify the land about the castle. More than 150 screaming children and their parents were ordered off the property. Adair cleared twelve thousand acres. Many of the evicted had no idea where they might find shelter; some relocated to Australia.

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