For Weddings in Ireland.

Take our quiz and find out if you are compatible.

To get a useful result answer the questions truthfully, when you read them it will be obvious what will get a high score.
Be truthful with yourself.

1) What do you think about your partners intellect?.

a) He/She is smarter than me..
b)We are about the same..
c) He/She isn't as smart as me.
d) He/She isn't very smart at all.
2) Regarding your partners hobby
a) I am just as keen as he/she is.
b) I am interested and sometimes get involved
c) I try to be interested.
d) It annoys me a little when he/she talks about it
3) How would you rate your sexual relationship.
a) Fantastic
b) Good
c) .Average
d) Disappointing.
4) How do you rate your partner socially and culturally.
a) He/She would be above me.
b) About the same
c) He/She would be just a little below me.
5) What so you think the possibilities are of your partner suffering from depression, anxiety, anorexia, obsessions or other mental health problems.
a) None at all.
b)A slight possibly.
c) There is a good chance.
6) How would you describe your partner.
a) A little bit insensitive.
b) Kind and considerate.
c) Kind but a little self obsessed
d) Subject to moods.
7) Do you and your partner share the same sense of humour.
a) Defnitely yes.
b) Sometimes.
c) Not really.
8) If your partner were to grow to be like their mother/father.
a) I wouldn't mind.
b) I would be happy with that.
c) I wouldn't like that.
9) Do you and your partner have spiritual and cultural beliefs in common.
a) Yes.
b) We agree to differ.
c) No not really.
10) Do you and your partner engage in conversation on widely diverse subjects.
a) Yes
b) Sometimes.
c) Not very often.
d) Never.