For Weddings in Ireland.

Choosing A Videographer.

The term videographer's is one that is of quite recent origins, however it is one that is probably obsolete as video has almost been superseded by CD and DVD

There is absolutely no doubt that digital capture of your wedding is a good investment.. When you first view your video you will be surprised at how much of what went on you actually missed, after all you can't be everywhere, nor of course can the camera but an experienced operator will capture your special day and present it in a charming way enabling you to show it to a generation as yet unborn.

Send Your Guests A Copy.

These video's can be put on a CD, which can be easily and cheaply copied by most home PC's, Ask your Videographerabout this. You could even consider sending a copy to your guest's along with the thank you note. And of course to friends or relations who for reason of distance or infirmity were unable to attend the wedding. I'm quite sure your stationer could come up with a beautiful presentation case for your CD if you decide on this option.

View Their Work.

Many Videographer are unwilling to supply you with a complete demonstration tape, or CD preferring to show you one with the best extracts of several weddings, they usually state that a complete video of one wedding would be too much of an invasion of privacy. It is fairly common practise for them to ask you to attend their studio to view their demonstration tapes. This naturally puts them at a psychological advantage being on their home ground surrounded by their wizardry they are better equipped to impress you and acquire your business. Make sure that the person who made the sample video you viewed will be shooting yours.

Decide On A Style.

As with all wedding vendors the best way to find a Videographer is by recommendation, if any of your friends or work mates have recently been married, this is a good place to start. If you can borrow a copy of their video and view it with your family, this will enable you to make some decisions as to the type of coverage you will require. And to access the competency of the operator.

Check With Venue's.

Some houses of worship forbid video or flash photography.

The Rehearsal.

It is best if your Videographer can attend the wedding rehearsal, this enables him to pick the best camera angles, saying this digital capture technology has advanced considerably, today the camera doesn't need to be in your face to get good results. Another important advantage of attending the rehearsal would be to meet and establish a friendly relationship with the officiate and the principal members of the wedding party. As with most things it is easier for all concerned if they don't feel they are dealing with strangers, particularly so with photography with which the majority of people are perhaps just a little uncomfortable.

How Much Will It Cost.

As with all things you get what you pay for. A Videographer has a considerable capital expenditure in equipment. He will spend the whole of your wedding day working hard to ensure that your video is of the highest standards, as well as this he will probably attend the rehearsal, and he also has to spend a considerable time editing the material he has taken, to produce the final video. So naturally all this will be reflected in the final cost. Expect to pay in excess of £1000 for a top quality video. Click here to view our list of videographers. Once you have decided on a Videographer find out exactly what is included, get a price for the finished article with all the editing, titles and soundtrack dubbing done. There is an association of Professional Videomakers in the UK you could visit their Web Site or telephone them on +44 (0)1529 421 717 for details of members working in your area. Employing a member of such an organization as this should assure you of a quality product, but at the same time do not preclude someone who comes well recommended just because they have not joined an organization.

Enlist a Friend.

If your budget won't stretch to a engaging a professional, then you could ask a friend, or better still two friends. Don't set them in competition with each other, if they are using reasonably good equipment the video quality should be quite good, naturally it wont be up to professional standards where the camera may cost several thousand's. If you gets loads of footage so to speak then it should be possible at a later date to edit it all into an acceptable video.