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For Weddings in Ireland.

Choosing Stationary.

Set out on this page are some suggestions which may help you when deciding on the style of your wedding stationary and when choosing a supplier. We have listings of many company's who specializes in supplying invitation cards of all types and at prices to suit all budgets. Click here to visit this page.

Order Of Service.

These cards are handed out to the guests as they arrive at the church or wedding venue, by the best man or the ushers. They state the order of the wedding service, the hymns and prayers.
There should be one for each guest as wells as the clergy and choir.

See order of service for Catholic wedding.

Invitation Cards.

These are traditionally sent out by the brides parents who are considered the hosts of the day. This is of course not set in stone as various family circumstances can dictate that the wedding is hosted by other family members, or even the bride and groom themselves. For some tips on invitation wording go to our invitations page. If you think that any of your guests may have difficulty finding the venues, it may be worth considering including a location's map with the invitations. If you have a wedding web site don't forget to include the address of it on the invitation.

Reply Cards.

These are sent our along with the invitation cards and are addressed and stamped, making it easy for them to communicate whether or not they are attending.

Place Cards.

These are used at the reception to indicate where each guest is to sit. A nice touch here is to print a thank you for attending verse on these cards, there are some suggestions on this page. These cards also serve as an inexpensive keep sake.

Thank You Cards.

These cards are a polite way of saying thanks for the presents you have received, it is probably best to send these out as you receive the presents. Mention the present by name on the card it makes it much more personal than, "thank you for your present."

Menu Cards.

Whether you are having a sit down banquet or a simple buffet, the menu card will let your guests know exactly what the food and drink arrangements are.

Evening Invitations.

These invitations are usually sent out at the same time as the other invitations. They are primarily to invite more distant relations or work colleagues, who for whatever reason were not invited to the ceremony and reception, to the evening entertainment or dance.

Save The Date Cards.

These cards are sent out in the early stages of you wedding planning, it is especially important to send these cards if your wedding date is to be on a public holiday, or is on or around the summer holiday period.