For Weddings in Ireland.

The Stag Party.


Germany is to be thanked for giving us the tradition of the stag party, it was the tradition there to hold an all night party the night before the wedding to scare away evil spirits and ghosts, by making as much noise as possible, this was known as "Polterabend".

Originally it was only other bachelors who were invited to the stag party, but nowadays both married and unmarried men attend the stag party .It was traditionally seen as the grooms last night of freedom.


When to hold It.

Traditionally the stag party was held on the night before the wedding, this certainly isn't to be recommended, we are all aware of the horror stories associated with the stag night, the shaven heads, the almost terminal hangover.

Is best if the stag party takes place at least a few days before the marriage, what you positively don't want is for the groom, best man, usher's and their friends to arrive for the ceremony hung over and bleary eyed, or worse still not at all.

What are the options?

The options are limited only by your imagination, Visit this page on our sister site to find dozens of adventure activities that will be remembered for a long time to come (one would hope fondly!)

Who organizes it?

This duty usually falls to the best man, naturally all male members of the bridal party will have an input regarding what the activity will be, and when it will be held. Remember that not all guests will be equally affluent, so don't embarrass some of the guests by choosing an activity which they can't afford.

Who pays.

Traditionally the groom footed the bill for the stag night, although now it is customary for all the participants to chip in, in fact sometimes the guests treat the groom to the stag night