For Weddings in Ireland.

Speech's and Toast's at the Reception.

If you know you have to make a speech at the wedding, it's never too soon to start preparing. Aim to compile a speech that you can deliver in less than ten minutes definitely no more. The key to a successful speech is confidence, learn you speech by heart Practise it when you get an opportunity.

The speeches are usually delivered in the order shown below.

Father of the bride.

  • Thank everyone for attending.
  • Tell the guests some interesting stories about the bride as a child, and how she has blossomed and of course how proud you are of her.
  • Welcome the bridegroom into your family, you could describe how you first met him, what your first impressions were and perhaps tell a funny story if one comes to mind.
  • Toasts the bride and groom.

Don't forget when you are delivering the speech you do so on behalf of yourself, and your partner.

Response by the groom.

In His Speech The Grooms Should.
Toast the bride.
Thank the parents for their daughter and the wedding
Thank the guests for their presents and attendance at the wedding.
Thank the bridesmaids, best man, ushers and all the attendants at the wedding.

Response by the best man.

Who reply's on behalf of the bridesmaids and continues into his own speech.
At the end of his speech the best man reads out the cards from guests who were unable to attend the wedding.


Brides Speech.

Although not traditional it is now quite common for the bride to deliver her own speech. At what stage in the proceedings this takes place is a matter to be decided between those participating. It is just a matter of one of the other speakers inviting the bride to say a few words.

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