For Weddings in Ireland.

Flowers at Your Reception.

It is almost impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers.
The extent to which the reception venue is decorated is governed primarily by financial considerations, and then by your wishes and those of your groom.

Table Decoration.

When choosing flowers to decorate the reception venue it is important that your florist is familiar with the venue you have chosen, as you don't want the choice of flowers to clash with the colour scheme or decor of the room.

The table linen is a good place to start from, most venues will give you a choice of colours in the table linen and napkins, so a colour can be chosen to complement your floral arrangements

The Banquet Hall.

Sometimes the venue operators supply some flowers at functions. Make sure they will be to your taste and match your colour scheme. Make it clear when you make your booking if you wish to have your florist take complete control of the floral arrangements

Flower arrangements here are very much determined by the venue and the kind of reception you are having. It's nice to have flower arrangements in areas where guests will be seated or waiting for the next ?????? Arrangements can be placed around the hall.. Smaller arrangements on individual tables add an air of festivity and charm of the occasion.

There is a growing trend to decorate the cake with fresh flowers rather than artificial ones or plastic figures.

Wedding With a Theme.

If you plan to have a wedding with a theme or historical feel, and if you have chosen your florist well she or he will be able to set their imagination free, and with your help create your bouquet and decoration's for the venue's which will be visually stunning, and which you and your guests will remember fondly for a long time to come.

Time Of The Year.

The time of the year you choose to have your wedding will have a direct effect on the cost of your flowers. If you are having a winter wedding and you choose to have your bouquet made with exotic summer flowers, then they will have to be imported. This will naturally add appreciably to the cost. Having said that I understand that a large percentage of flowers used even in the summer are imported mainly from Holland.
Flowers In Season.
January. Amaryllis, Narcissus and Hellebores.
February. Violets and Reciluta.
March. Hyacinths, Lilacs, Narcissus.
April. Tulips Crocus and Daffodil.
May. Lily of the valley, Cherry and Peonies.
June. Pink Lisanthus, Sweet William's and Delphiniums.
July. Roses, Marguerites, Chrysanthemums, Allums, Peonies, Phlox, and nigella.
August. Sunflowers, Gladioli, Larkspur, Poppies and Sweet Pea.


Dahlias, Nerines, and Ivy.
October. Arum Lilies, Hypericum, and Cockscomb.
November. Carnations, Amaryllis and Daffodil.
December. Orchids, Dutch Hyacinths and Cockscomb.