For Weddings in Ireland.

Choosing A Reception Venue.


By the time you come to choosingthe reception venue you will probably have decided on your guest list, and have an approximate idea on the amount of funding you are allocating to it. If you are having a religious ceremony it is more convenient for your guests, if the reception venue is close to that of the service.

Set out below is some advice and questions you should ask the venue manager or service provider. You can print the questions to take with you when you visit the venue. Just click on the link beneath the questions, and a new window will open, click on print this page and it will be sent to your printer.

Hire A Marquee.

Some people today choose to have their reception in a marquee in the ground of their home, if you are fortunate enough to have access to a property that could accommodate a marquee as well as the necessary parking facilities, then this is a possibility, there is perhaps a considerable amount of extra planning required for this option, catering equipment will have to be hired or caterer's engaged who have their own mobile equipment, a power supply would have to be laid on, you would need to hire furniture, crockery , linen etc., although most suppliers of marquees also supply furniture, there are also company's who supply a mobile bar service. Toilet facilities would also have to be arranged.. You may need planning permission for a marquee.
Waiting staff would also be required, although the caterers may supply them.

When all is considered the marquee is probably not the most cost effective option, however if you are having a summer wedding and have the necessary space to accommodate it, then a marquee can give you the opportunity to have a unique wedding without outside distractions.

Questions to ask the marquee hirer.

  • Do they supply mobile toilets and are they included in the price.
  • Do they have third party insurance.
  • What would their plans be regarding an electric supply.
  • Would there be power points available for musicians, or toastmaster.
  • What style of furniture do they supply.
  • How long will it take to erect the Marquee.
  • Do they supply catering facilities.
  • If you would like a candlelit meal would this be a problem.
  • Does planning permission have to be sought.
  • Do they supply a mobile bar, or can they arrange one.
Click here if you would like to print the above question list.


If you intend to have your reception in a hotel you may chooseone that you know personally or one that has been recommended to you by a friend. If you haven't anywhere in particular in mind the best thing that you can do is make a short list of venue's that appear to fulfill the criteria of what you have in mind for your wedding.
Before contacting them regarding your wedding, have a meal in the hotel there isn't a better way to make a judgment on the quality of service and facilities the establishment has to offer.

Questions to ask the venue manager.

  • Is there any limitations to the type of music I can have at the reception and dance?
  • If I have an evening dance what time must it close at?
  • When can my florist have access to the banquet hall to arrange table decorations etc.?
  • Is there any extras to add to the quotation and does it include Vat?
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Is smoking permitted?
  • At what time is the balance due for payment?
  • Will there be a room available for changing?
  • If I decide to have a bouncy castle for the children is there space?
  • Will there be other weddings taking place on the day?
  • Do I need permission to use hotel feature for my wedding photographs?
  • Is there a corkage charge for wine and champagne?
  • Does the hotel have a crèche, if not can a room be made available for one?
  • Can we have candles and confetti?
  • Is there a secure area for our gifts?
  • Is there a maximum / minimum number of guests?
Click here if you would like to print the above question list.
A new window will open containing the questions, you can send this page to your printer.

Stately Home.

There are some stately homes in Ireland which you can hire on a daily basis for wedding receptions and other functions. In Northern Ireland with the recent change in the marriage laws we can expect there to be an upsurge in the number of stately homes, National Trust and State owned properties which will be able to perform the marriage ceremony. The laws relating to marriage in the south is currently under review, so here also we can expect that there will be major changes in wedding laws. There are many considerations to be taken into account regarding hiring a stately home, Most would not permit smoking in the property. If the property normally opens to the public, it is highly unlikely that the property will be closed for your wedding so it is possible you may have strangers wandering about whilst your wedding is taking place, although most venues will try to segregate visitors as far as possible. If your wedding is in the winter when most properties close this problem won't arise.

We have a page listing stately homes, castles and historic buildings in the U K and Ireland some of these are owned and run by the National Trust some by government bodies the rest are in private hands. Click here to visit that page.

Questions to ask the house manager.

  • Broadly speaking the questions to ask a house manager are the same as those which you might like to as a hotel manager. If you click here you will go to the hotel questions, you can print these question out if you wish.