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Processional & Recessional.


Order of Arrival.

The ushers arrive at the church first to hand out the order of service sheets, and show guests to their seat. The bride's family and guests are seated on the left of the nave, and those of the groom on the right.

When the bride arrives her mother should be shown to the front pew. At this time the the bride, her father and the bridesmaid's will be having the first set of church photographs taken.

Traditionally the bride is expected to be a little late, more than ten minutes would be a little excessive.

The Processional.

The bride proceeds down the aisle, on her fathers right arm, they are followed by the bridesmaid's, and then by any child attendants.

When they reach the front of the church the groom joins the bride standing on her right side, at this time the bride hands her bouquet to the chief bridesmaid.


The Service.

There is usually a hymn, a reading and an address by the officiate.
The bride's father takes the bride's right hand and gives it to the minister, who then passes it to the groom.. The vows are then taken and the ring's passed by the best man to the groom.
At this stage the best man and the bride's father sit down. There is usually a prayer followed by a hymn and then the final blessing.


Signing of the Register.

The officiate then leads the bride and groom followed by their parents, together with the chief bridesmaid and the best man, for the signing of the register.

When the register is signed the chief bridesmaid hands the bouquet back to the bride and they leave the church in the order set below.


The bridal party should leave the church is the order set out below.

Clild Attendants.
Best Man.
Chief Bridesmaid.
Groom's Father.
Bride's Mother.
Father of the Bride.
Groom's Mother.

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