For Weddings in Ireland.

Your Gift List.

The tradition of giving wedding presents has been in place since time immemorial, it was and is still a very effective way of setting the newly wed couple up for their life together, the gift's are usually of a very practical nature. Back in the annuls of time when a large proportion of the population was engaged in an agricultural life style, a pig, a horse or some hens would have been appreciated just as much as a state of the art entertainment system would be today.

Your Gift List.
njoy what surely is the pleasantest of activities associated with your wedding, How many times in your life will you be presented with an opportunity to acquire a Royal Doulton tea service or some Waterford Crystal, items that possibly in the normal course of your life you may not quite be able to afford. It was once considered to be in bad taste to produce a gift list however this is not now the case, the main advantage of a gift list is that you don't end up with five toaster's three electric kettle's and no tea towels. Don't forget it is traditional for the bride and groom to give presents to the attendants at their wedding, a small token is all that is expected, a memento of that special day. We have compiled a fairly comprehensive gift list which you can download, it is in the form of a word document, All you have to do is click on the link above, edit it or just tick the items that you prefer and give it to the shop. On our gift and miscellaneous page, you will find a large selection of gift ideas and shops specializing in bespoke articles guaranteed to enchant.

You will also find shops who operate a gift list system. Which allows you to lodge a list with them, they show the list to your guests when they visit the store, and if they purchase a gift it is removed from the list, some stores operate an on line gift list service, purchases made on line and are automatically removed from the list.
You don't have to limit yourself to one shop, a separate list can be lodged with several different shops. Most shops operating gift lists offer incentives to you if you lodge your list with them, shop around for the best deal.

If you decide to commission a web site for your wedding, the address and contact details of your gift list shop's can be published on your site, your guests can visit the shop's personally or on line to choose their gift.

Presents For The Bridesmaid's.
As we have already said it is traditional for the bride and groom to give presents to each member of the wedding party, these don't have to be expensive something that is personalized is much to be preferred, and will be kept and treasured for ever. For the bride's maids and matron of honour it is possible to have a ceramic jewelry case or plaque painted with one of your wedding photographs, it could be the bride and groom or the bride's maids themselves. You can't get more personalized than that.

Present For The Best Man.
The best man has put a lot of work and effort into your wedding, so you want to show your appreciation in a special way, again something that is personalized is vastly superior, or perhaps you could give him a ticket or a voucher enabling him to take part in some activity, that he has talked about but not yet got round to doing, it could be paint balling, bungy jumping, a day on a golf course. On our gifts and miscellaneous page you will find lots of these activities listed under "Adventure Activities"You who know him intimately are best qualified to judge what he would like.

Parents And Grandparents.
Who throughout your wedding planning process have been more supportive to you than your parents and grandparents if you are luck enough to have them. So traditionally you should your appreciation in some small way. One present that we are sure almost all parent's and grand parent's would appreciate is a hand painted oil on canvas painting of you and your groom, again it is almost the ultimate in personalized presents, and would not as expensive as you might imagine. The disadvantage here is that obviously the present could not be presented at the wedding, as there would be approximately two month's between placing the order and receiving the paintings plus the time it would take for your photographer to process your wedding photographs. However this could be overcome by presenting your parents and grand parent's with a scroll produced by your stationer, explaining what to expect from their present.

Gifts For Each Other.
You mustn't forget the person who is most dear to you your future partner. Here the choice is usually a piece of jewelry a necklace or locket in the case of the bride or a wrist watch for the groom, with an engraved inscription.