For Weddings in Ireland.

Who Pays for the Wedding.

Throughout history it has been the tradition that the bride's family footed the bill for the entire wedding, fortunately for the modern day family of the bride this tradition is changing, and the cost is shared between both families, broadly speaking the costs are shared as below.

 The groom pays for.

  • Church fees.
  • Associated legal expenses.
  • Engagenent and Wedding Rings.
  • Bride's and Bridesmaids' flowers.
  • Boquets for both mothers.
  • His own attire.
  • Bouquets and presents for bride, bridesmaids.
  • Button holes for himself groomsman and ushers.
  • Engagement and wedding rings.
  • Gifts for the groomsman and best man
  • Car to first night hotel or airport.
  • The bride's family pay for.

  • Press Announcments.
  • Flowers for the church and the reception.
  • Wedding clothes for the bride and her attendants.
  • Photographer.
  • Video.
  • Transport.
  • The Reception.
  • Cake.
  • Wedding Stationary.