For Weddings in Ireland.

Choosing A Musician.



Before you can think about choosing a musician obviously you must decide on exactly what type of music you want. You will naturally have different music for the various parts of your wedding. If you would like to visit the wedding music page of our site you can listen to various samples of music which traditionally would be considered suitable to be played before and during the actual wedding ceremony.

The Reception.

After the ceremony and before the reception, is usually the time when the official wedding photographs are taken. It is customary to arrange a drink's reception to receive the guests arriving at the venue. The guests will need some form of entertainment until the bridal party return. The music here should be non intrusive as the guests will wish to talk among themselves, harp music, a string quartet, piano, or classical guitar would suit the situation admirably.

The choice of music here should varied, you want titles and tunes that people know. Popular tunes from the movies, local tunes. Much effort should be taken here to tailor the chosen titles to reflect all ages group's and musical taste's present.

The Meal.

During the meal you may wish, for the same music to continue, or to have a different style.
A very popular option is to have a Harpist play during the meal, the harp is ideally suited as banquet background music as it is completely non intrusive, and the music chosen can reflect a great diversity of musical tastes. Many of the great houses of Ireland in the past employed a resident Harper for this very purpose.


The Dance.

Here depending on choice and budget, you can a live band or a DJ, or both The is nothing better than a live band to get, the party of to a swing. Most good bands would have a wide repertoire, of standard popular tunes, such as Sinatra, The Beetles, show tunes and pop covers. Their repertoire would encompass slow ballads and great dance numbers, which would set your guest's toe's tapping. Many of thes bands and entertainers have web sites where you can view their play list, and in some cases listen to their music.

Summing Up.

Discuss with your partner and family the type of music which you would like, if you visit our musicians and entertainers page, just choose the type of music which you would like from the drop down menu. You are certain to find a group or individual who will help to make your special day perfect.

Questions You Will Be Asked.

When you contact a musician, an entertainer or an agent there will be questions which both of you will need to ask each other, broadly speaking they may be as below.

  • What music do you want played for the prelude.
  • What music do you want played for the processonal.
  • What music do you not want played.
  • Do you want a soloist at any point during the service.
  • If the service is in a church do you intend to use the church organist.

Questions To Ask.

Below are a few questions you should ask the musician or group.

  • W
  • I
  • When

Save yourself some Money.

Another point worthy of mention is that it is usually more cost effective when booking a musician if you book them directly and not through an agent, who will be taking a percentage for passing on the booking.