For Weddings in Ireland.

The Wedding Banquet.

The Menu.

Your wedding banquet and accompanying drinks will probably be the largest single expenditure in your wedding budget. Most venues supply a standard drinks package with the meal. You will need to ascertain exactly what this consists of, and decide if you would be happy with their choice. The catering manager will be only too happy to help you choose your wine's, and will arrange a sampling session for you.

If you are using an outside caterer, you will need to make arrangements to purchase the drinks yourself. Remember you will be buying in bulk so push hard for discounts. If you are lucky enough to know someone in the license trade, you could ask them to get what you require from their wholesaler.


Krug Grand Cuvee.
Expect to pay £75 € 106


A meal without champagne is like summer without the sun. Champagne is produced as every schoolboy knows in the Champagne area of France, the production is strictly controlled, mainly by the producers themselves, so that only the best quality wine is produced.

There are many different types of Champagne each of which are subtly different, this makes them suitable to accompany the various courses of the meal.
Some of the the main types are listed below.

Champagne Types.
Brut Is dry and makes an excellent accompaniment for food
Extra dry. Is sweeter and goes well with main course and desert.
Sec. &
Are the sweetest and are best served at the end of the meal with the cake and dessert.

A bottle of champagne will serve six people with 1 1/2 glasses each. A good quality champagne will cost between £25-30 per bottle although you can pay a lot more.

Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque.
Expect to pay £60 €85

Drink Quantities.

In the table below is listed the average amount of drink
that you should allow per person at your reception.

Afternoon Reception.
Evening Reception.
1/4 Bottle Champagne 1/4 Bottle Champagne 1/4 Bottle Champagne
1/4 Bottle Red Wine. 1/4 Bottle Red Wine. 1/2 Bottle Red Wine.
1/4 Bottle White Wine. 1/4 Bottle White Wine. 1/4 Bottle White Wine.
1 litre Mineral Water. 1 litre Mineral Water.
1/2 litre Fresh Fruit Juice. 1/2 litre Fresh Fruit Juice.

The Toast's.

Champagne is the most popular drink to toast the bride and groom, don't forget that there may be guests at your wedding who for whatever reason don't drink alcohol, to accommodate them, and any children present you must lay on a choice of non alcoholic drinks.

Wine Choice.

The wine that you serve with the meal will largely depend on the menu. Perhaps you should put a bottle of red and white on each table as well as a bottle of water, and fruit juice.

It is possible to order wine and spirits with personalised lables this would be a nice touch to give your reception that little extra. See our listing for personalised wines.