Wedding Makeup.

Your Make Up And Skin Care.

Lets start with a words of advice, forget the propaganda you have been fed by the glossy magazines, about the ideal woman with the perfect shape and exquisite beauty. You are you and the fact that you are here finding out about wedding make up, proves the point, that your partner who had the whole world from which to choose the most beautiful woman, chose you. What you have to do is keep yourself in shape and treat your body sensibly.

So what about your wedding makeup? How are you going to look your best for the whole of your wedding day? The answer is care, planning and using the right cosmetics. We have put together a few hints and tips to help you achieve and keep that radiant bride look all day long.

Skin Care Essentials.

Sleep is a vitally important time for body and mind, it is essential for the natural renewal of the skin. If you can't get the recommended eight hours, make amends by using a night cream.

The treatment that your skin needs depends to a great extent on your age, we have divided the advice below into three sections.

In Your Twenties.

In your twenties your skin is elastic and relatively wrinkle free. Occasionally you will have a breakout of oiliness which is probably due to a hormone imbalance, by the time you reach your mid to late twenties this imbalance will rectify its self.

It is generally accepted that collagen and elastin can regenerate themselves as long as they are protected from UV light and pollution. The three main rules for looking after you skin in your twenties are.

  1. Protect your skin against sunlight and pollution. Protecting you skin now is the most important anti skin ageing tactic you can adopt.
  2. Pay particular attention to your diet, you skin will reward you if you treat it well from within, a bad diet will manifest its self first in your skin.
  3. Establish a skin care routine. Cleanse tone and moisturise twice daily. Always remove your make up thoroughly to enable your skin to breathe.

What 20's Skin Need's.

Twice Daily.
Use a basic cleanser (mild and creamy or deep cleansing for oily skins.) Use a toner gentle for the average skin, sebum control and anti shine for oily skin. Also a anti pollution moisturiser containing vitamin A,c or E to combat free radical damage.

Use a sun screen to protect from UV light (matt and shine free.)

Use a clay based deep cleansing mask to combat the oily areas which may appear during the time of your period..

In Your Thirties.

Your skin is probably looking good, and now is the time to act to keep it that way. In your early thirties the pigment cells become less efficient at producing skin colour. You may have noticed the tone of your face, neck and chest may have become a little uneven. If you have subjected yourself.

  1. Always use a high sunscreen on your face, hands and chest. You could use a moisturiser which includes a UV sunscreen. Look for creams containing anti oxidants, to combat free radical damage which speeds up in your thirties, resulting in uneven pigmentation and drier skin.
  2. Pay particular attention to the delicate skin around your eyes, which is usually the first place to show signs of wrinkling, also your neck and the backs of your hands.
  3. Your thirties is a very demanding time, make sure you body is getting the nutrition it needs. So don't skimp on your vitamin supplements, iron vitamin B complex vitamins C and E and evening primrose oil.

What 30's Skin Need's.

Twice Daily.
Use an anti pollution formula moisturiser to help the skin heal itself.

Use a high protection UV sunscreen and moisturiser especially for the eye area.

Twice Weekly.
Cell turnover starts to slow down in your thirties, so use a slightly more abrasive face polisher to exfoliate.

Use a mild moisturising mask.



The Cheeks.

For a blushing bride look that doesn't dissolve during the ceremony, try these great techniques:

  • Use a powder based blush it will last longer than a cream blush.
  • Alternatively, try a cheek stain -- just be sure to blend fast. Once the stain sets, it stays put.
  • You've done your homework. Your skin glows. What comes first, Foundation, Powder, Conceal?
  • Relax. Try these tips for a flawless complexion.
  • Apply moisturiser twenty minutes before starting your makeup to minimise slide.
  • Use conceal under your eyes.
  • If you think you'll be a teary bride, look for an oil-based conceal
  • If your foundation wears away easily, try a formula with a little oil -- sounds strange, but it works.
  • Finish your foundation with face powder.

The Eyes.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and, on this day at least, your eyes will probably be brimming with joyful tears. Try these tips to keep your eye makeup in place through the waterworks:

  • Prep your eyelids with an eye shadow base or a little face powder.
  • Use waterproof mascara, allow each coat to dry for a few seconds before applying the next layer.
  • If you expect to cry a lot, leave your lower lashes clean -- this minimise smudging.
  • Try an eyelash perm -- the French swear by this spa technique. Results last for about nine weeks.

The Lips.

Kissing is probably the only thing you'll do more than crying on your wedding day, so you'll need lip color that lasts, without constant touch-ups. Try these steps for a lasting, kiss able smile.

  • Skip your lip moisturiser, or apply it at least an hour before starting your makeup.
  • Prep your lips with a little foundation -- to give the color a base.
  • Using a lip liner, first outline your lips, then fill them in for an extra layer of color.
  • Apply your lipstick with a lip brush.
  • Apply one layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue, and apply the second layer.
  • For color that really lasts, try a lip stain. This is a particularly good choice if you want a bright, high maintenance lip color, like ruby red.
  • Moisturise your lips in the days before the wedding lip stain can be drying.
  • Apply lip stain directly to lips skip the foundation and lip liner steps.
  • Be sure to have makeup remover ready for mistakes lip stain won't just wipe off.

Test Drive Your Makeup

You should test your makeup at least two weeks before your wedding, to leave time to make any adjustments. Give your finished makeup a few minutes to set, then mist your face with water from a spray bottle. The spray will simulate tears and give you a good idea of how your makeup will hold up to a good cry. If you pass the waterworks test, get your fiancÚ into the act and have him kiss and hug you repeatedly (we know, this is such hard work).

Keep your makeup on through at least one meal, and see how you look after a few hours. If you're still picture perfect with just a few minor touch ups, you've got a winning routine. Now get out there and smile!

Hair Removal.

Bleaching is ideal for the upper lip and stomach hair. The effect lasts for three or four weeks and doesn't affect the the rate or amount of hair re-growth.
You could try. Louis Marcel gentle facial hair lightner.
Or Jolen creme bleach.

These are alkaline solutions that dissolves hair just below the skin's surface. They are ideal for underarm, legs and if recommended the bikini line. It is a painless if somewhat messy procedure. Results last for up to ten days.
You could try. Immac Citrus Fresh Cream.

This is a permanent method that destroys the hair follicle with an electrical current. It is ideal for small delicate areas like the lip, nipple. It is both slow and expensive. Make sure that your beautician is qualified to perform the procedure.

This battery operated system promotes smooth legs without the hassle associated with waxing. The results are similar to waxing .
Try the Brawn Silk Select Body System.

Shaving is still the most popular and cost effective method, for all areas the disadvantages are that the stubble will grow back in a couple of days, and the risk of cuts and rashes.
Try The Gillette Sensor for Women.

Waxing will probably give the best results lasting four to six weeks, due to the fact that the hair complete with the follicle is removed . It is ideal for the legs, underarm and bikini line, but it can be painful. Home cold wax treatments tend to be both messy and painful. It is probably best to leave the hot wax treatments to the experts.
You could try Louis Marcel Strip


Skin Jargon.

You skin is constantly renewing its self, although as you get older the rate of renewal slows down. It is made up of four distinct layers.

  1. The stratum corneum which is a protective layer of dead cells which are gradually worn off.
  2. The Epidermis a thin layer of fast growing live cells.
  3. The Dermis which consists of blood vessels lubricating oil glands and stretchy fibres.
  4. And a bottom layer consisting mainly of fat which gives the skin body.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
Natural acids found in fruit,milk and sugar which help loosen dead skin cells on the skin surface, so that they fall off quicker.

Derived from vitamins such as A,C and E, these bind to the free radicals, so that they can't roam around and do harm.

Lipids naturally present in the skin that go to make a moisture barrier over the surface. Ceramides contained in skin products strengthen this seal helping the skin to retain its natural moisture.

Is a strong protein which forms connective tissue in the dermis, providing strength and support for the skin.


Is a stretchy protein which makes up the elastic fibres of the skin, giving it is suppleness and smoothness.

These are naturally present in our bodies, and can be both helpful and harmful . Some help the skins natural renewal, while others break it down. Certain enzymes can be added to creams to block the action of skin ageing enzymes.

Free Radicals.
These are highly unstable molecules , which are sent wild by stresses such as smoking UV light and many types of pollution. These reactive molecules cause skin cells to oxidise, damaging the skin and making it less firm.

These tiny spheres are made up of fat and water and are filled with active ingredients. They are used to transport material to where the skin needs it.

This is the effect on the skin caused by exposure to sunlight. It is said to be the greatest single cause of wrinkles and aged skin.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor.)
This is a guide as to how effectively sunscreen products filter out the harmful UVB rays. If your skin burns after 15 minutes in the sun, then using a factor 15 cream you can stay in the sun for 225 minutes without burning.

Our Makeup Tips.

  • If your skin tends to be oily don't use harsh treatments this could actually make the problem worse. Instead, create a skin care routine using cleansers and balance's that have been customise for your skin type.
  • In the months preceding your wedding is the time to experiment with makeup, take time and choose a makeup palette that is perfectly suited for your complexion.
  • Visit your beautician for your last regular facial a week before the wedding.
  • Start using a lip balm or moisturise, color fades unevenly on dry, chapped lips.