For Weddings in Ireland.

Your Guest List.

Now isn't this a difficult subject you'll have to give this one more than a little thought, if you are to maintain good relations with all you relations and friends. With the best will in the world you can't invite everyone you know, so you need a strategy, not necessarily a cunning strategy but one that will allow you to compile a guest list, enjoy your wedding and not lose too many friends. Considering that will in all possibility be leaving out a large proportion of your circle of acquaintances, most of your distant relations and work acquaintances will understand that it just isn't financially viable for you to invite the world.

When compiling your guest list, bear in mind that almost all the guests will have a spouse or partner so this will account for two guests. Both family's would obviously involved in drawing up the guest list. It is a good idea initially to have two lists a must have list and a would like to invite list.

The must have list would naturally include close relations . Then favourite aunts and uncles, perhaps close cousins.
Then friends in common, friends of both the bride and groom. You may wish to invite colleague's from work. Your parents might have special friends that they may wish to be present.

In drawing up your list, it is wise to remember that the overall budget is inextricably linked to the number of guests on your list, the reception will take approximately twenty five per cent of the overall wedding budget, so if you guest list is large, the costs will rise proportionately.

Make a provisional list, and when you have contacted your desired venue, and received a quotation, which in some cases maybe on a per capita basis. You will then be better equipped to decide on final numbers.

If you download our budget planner (You will need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer for it to work) you may find it useful when planning the financial aspects of your wedding, you can enter the overall sum you wish to spend on the wedding and it will suggest sums to spend on the different sections. These suggestions are based as far as we can ascertain on the average amounts that are spent on weddings currently in Ireland.

It is probably safe to assume, that not everyone that is invited will be able to attend. So when sending out your invitations request confirmation of attendance. And as you receive each confirmation keep a note of it, so that you can confirm final numbers with the venue.