For Weddings in Ireland.

Flowers at the Church.

Traditionally the Church is decorated for the wedding service.
The type of flowers chosen will depend on your chosen overall theme, and the colour scheme that has been chosen for the wedding.

Find a florist in your locality or near to the location of your wedding venue.

A few churches are not too keen on having the outsiders doing the floral arrangements, preferring to take care of this themselves and charging you for this service. If this is the case make sure you have an input as to the colour and style of decoration that is supplied.

Normally the floral decorations in the church are placed on the chancel steps on the windowsills sometimes on the pew ends and often on pedestals in or near the entrance. Some clergymen are opposed to the idea of decorating the alter.

Save Some Money.

Check to see if there is another wedding in the venue on the same day as yours, it may be worth considering contacting the other bride and sharing the flowers.

If you or someone in your circle have a flower garden it may be worth considering using these for your decorations, your florist would probably be OK with this idea.

Another nice idea is if you or someone you know have a garden and are blessed with green fingers, why not grow your own flowers especially. This idea would obviously only apply to summer weddings.


Questions to ask the church.

Below are listed some questions which you might like to ask the clergyman.

  • Can I employ my own florist to decorate the church?
  • Do you allow any decoration on the alter?
  • Is confetti allowed outside the church?
  • How soon before the service can my florist get access to the church.

The Pew Ends.

Pew end decorations are really just small bouquets, these can be hung or tied to the pews with coloured ribbon. The effect can be stunning but it is important not to overdo it, every third or fourth pew would probably be sufficient. Adding too many pew end decorations can make the aisle look narrow.



Pedestals are a very effective way of adding a splash of colour at the church, they are usually placed at the entrance. Some churches are equipped with them, if not often the florist may be able to fix you up with plastic ones. I know this sounds terrible but some are actually exceptionally realistic. You should get permission from the church, there could be a problem if someone were to be injured. You would have to choose the design so as not to clash with the church architecture.

Try the wedding hire page you may find someone there who would be in a positions to hire a pair of pedestals.