For Weddings in Ireland.

Entertainment at the Reception.

When your guests are arriving for the reception, you will in all possibility be having you wedding photographs taken, if the setting for the photographs is in the grounds of the venue then the photographs will probably only take about half an hour, if not then they will take considerably longer. It is a good idea to have a musician or musician's at the venue to entertain your guests until you arrive.

The Meal.
During the meal it is really nice is to have a musician playing in the background, this music must of course not be intrusive, as your guests will wish to engage in conversation, nothing is more annoying than having to raise your voice to communicate with those across the table. The music that is generally regarded as ideal for the banquet would be harp music, a string quartet or woodwind instruments all of which are not intrusive, provided that amplification is set at a reasonable level. The choice of titles played can be tailored to suit all age groups and musical tastes including classical, modern or traditional Irish and Scottish.

Harp music was traditionally played when a banquet was in progress, in the great houses of Ireland in the past, indeed most large houses had a resident Harper who was retained just for this purpose. If you visit our musicians and entertainers page I'm sure you will find a group or individual who will fulfill you musical requirements.

After The Meal.
This is the time when the tempo and volume can be increased because you will probably be having a dance. Again try to reflect in your choice of music the different age groups present, I'm sure a few fox-trot's and waltzes will be appreciated by the older guests at your party. To find suitable musicians for your wedding, if you would like to visit the musician's and entertainer's page and choose the music type which you would like from the drop down menu, you will be sure to find a group or individual who will make the musical aspect of your wedding perfect.


Don't Forget The Children.

Most of the guests at your wedding will want to bring their children along, so perhaps it might be a good idea to think about laying on some entertainment for them. We have a page with some entertainment suggestions for the children.