For Weddings in Ireland.

Wedding Countdown.

This page is intended as a guide to help you plan some essential elements of your wedding day. All wedding's are different, so remember the key to success is to organize as much as possible in advance. Enlist the help of the wedding professionals who you choose to supply your wedding services. Don't forget your family will be eager to help you in any way they can.. Don't get too stressed, if your planning has been carried out properly everything will go fine on the day. We have made up a countdown check list which you can download, it is simply a word document in which you can tick each step as you complete it.

One Year to Six Months Before.

Set the date.
Decide on a budget, download our budget planner it may help you when allocating funds. Make sure you know who is paying for what. See also our wedding budget page.
Open a joint wedding account.
Choose all your attendants.
Download our countdown check list and tick off each step as you complete them.

Decide on your ceremony type, also ceremony location.
If you plan a destination wedding choose your location and book the ceremony.
Decide on your guest list.

Check that you are compliant with the requirements to marry in your chosen venue.
If you are having a destination wedding find out about the laws relating to marrying in that location.
Choose your florist for ceremony and reception venues.
Choose your photographer and Videographer.


Contact some stationers and decide on the style best suited to your wedding plans.
See also our page on wedding stationary.

Jewelry& Rings.
You may already have your engagement ring if not, now is the time.
See also our page on choosing your ring.

Your Gown.
Start looking for your dress some suppliers need six months to fulfill orders.
Your groom should organize his clothes and those of the best man and ushers if applicable.

Your Gift List.
Decide if you are going to lodge a gift list with a store specilizing in supplying in this service.

Decide on type of reception sit-down dinner of buffet.
Book a reception venue close to he church.
Decide on entertainment at your reception.
Think about your wedding cake.

Decide on a honeymoon location and get some brochures or visit our honeymoon and holiday page.
There are some honeymoon planning tips on this page.

You should seriously consider taking out a wedding insurance policy, these are available for less than £100 and represent exceptionally good value.

Six to Three Month's Before.

Book your reception venue.
Meet with the venue manager to discuss the overall plan for the day.
Meet with your clergyman to discuss the order of service, decide on service sheets etc..
Book a florist and discuss your requirements.
If you are having music other than the organist, book them now and discuss your requirements.
Book your photographer and Videographer.
Book you wedding transport.
Order of service sheets should be ordered now.
Decide on the menu.
Decide on your cake and order it.
Choose a caterer if your venue doesn't have in house facility's.
Book reception entertainment.
If you are having a marquee, organize equipment required portable loo's etc.
If you have decided to have a MC or toastmaster book one.
Meet your florist preferably at the venue to discuss arrangements.

Your Gift List.
Make an appointment to arrange your gift list.
You can find some advice on choosing a company to host your gift list on this page.
Your Gown.
Order your gown, buy your shoes and lingerie.
Visit our page on choosing your dress.
Buy all your attendants outfits.
Arrange the groom's and best man's outfit, if they are being purchased rather than hired.
Jewelry& Rings.
You should start looking for your wedding ring's and you wedding jewelry..
See also our page on choosing your ring.
Book your  honeymoon
Check that your passport's are valid.
If you need inoculations for your chosen venue get them as soon as possible.

Order you invitation cards, RSVP cards and envelopes.
See also our page on wedding stationary.

Three to One Month Before.

Confirm the order of the day.
Book you first night hotel, also book rooms for out of town guests.
Get confirmation in writing of any equipment you may be hiring.

If you plan a civil ceremony check that all the paperwork is in order.
Book your musician or soloist and agree music.
For destinations wedding double check everything with your supplier, tourist board and consulate.
Decide on order of service and send it to the printers.
Confirm floral arrangements at the service and reception venue's.
For a church wedding the banns should be read.
Decide on menu and choose wines
Decide on table decorations, floral arrangements, place setting cards and favors.
Buy gifts for your attendants.
Order your cake.
Your Gift List.
Finalize your gift list.
You can find some advice on choosing a company to host your gift list on this page.
Your Gown.
Check on how your gown is progressing.
If it is ready have a fitting.
Jewelry& Rings.
I you still haven't bought your ring's you had better get a move on.
See also our page on choosing your ring.
If you haven't booked your honeymoon it's getting a little late.
Check that your passport's are valid.
By now you should have had your necessary inoculations.

Order you invitation cards, RSVP cards and envelopes.
See also our page on wedding stationary.


Four Weeks to Two Week Before.

With your wedding only four weeks away you may feel the stress building up. It is essential that you are in tip top condition both physically and mentally on your wedding day. So if you are feeling a little stressed out, why not take a quiet weekend or night away, have a massage and chill out. You will return invigorated ready to take the next few hectic weeks in your stride.

Donít forget to eat properly You have a busy time ahead in the next few weeks, it is important to keep your energy level up.

If you have guests from overseas or who are not within easy commuting distance, it may be wise to contact them to see if they would like you to arrange accommodation on their behalf..

Ensure that all your suppliers have directions to the venues if they are unfamiluar with the area.

Talk to the photographer about the photographs you wish to be taken.
Book your rehearsal with all the relevant persons present.
Confirm transport arrangements with transport company, arrange for taxis to be available for those without transport.
Deliver your banns certificates to your officiate.
Make sure your attendants are clear about their duties.
Finalize details of seating at the church.

Ensure that there are adequate power points available if you have engaged a musician to play during the meal.
Ensure that the cake will be delivered to the venue.
Finalize details of seating at the reception.
Your Gift List.
Make a list of presents already received and from whom.
Start sending out thank you notes for presents received.
Your Gown.
Final fittings for the wedding dress and bridesmaid's dresses.
Make sure all are wearing the shoes and accessories they plan to wear on the day.
Finalize arrangements for the groomís and best manís clothing.
Organize honeymoon and going away clothes for your self and the groom.

Jewelry& Rings.
Your jewelry and accessories should at this stage have all been purchased.

Your honeymoon arrangements should all be finalized by now.

If your stationary isn't ready for collection perhaps a controlled panic and some swift action would be in order.

Your Hair And Makeup.
Have your hair and make up rehearsal.
Remember to bring the headdress you will be wearing on the day, enabling the experts to plan your overall look.
Visit our makeup tips page.

Hen and Stag Night's.
Plan your hen and stag nights.
Donít forget to have these a few days before the wedding, the last thing you want to spoil your wedding day is a hangover.
Visit our page's on planning your hen night or stag night.

Two Weeks to One Week Before.

Travel Documents.

And pack (donít forget passports, tickets and visas). If you need travelersí checks,car hire, insurance or any other documentation, now is the time to do it.

Service Providers.

Finalize details with all of your service providers car hire, florist, photographer, caterers, etc.

Arrange with the venue a time for all your suppliers to set up.
Give final number of guests to the reception organize.
Arrange a room for changing at the reception.
Make sure that the place cards will Delegate to one of your attendants to oversee organizing the place card

Your Clothes.

Try on all the wedding clothes including lingerie, tiara or head dress etc. Make sure everything fits correctly and is comfortable.
It may be wise to wear your shoes for a few hours to break them in, they may look pretty and stylish but how will they feel after a long day most of which will be spent on your feet ?

One Week Before.

Have your wedding rehearsal with all participants present.
After the reception you must delegate someone to take care of you wedding dress, this is usually the chief bridesmaid's duty, your mum could be called upon if necessary.
The best man usually takes care of the grooms outfit, if it is hired it is his duty to return it to the hirer, and arrange payment if it has not already been paid for.
The gifts for your attendants, bridesmaid's and best man should be gift wrapped.
Send your wedding announcement's to your chosen papers.
Make funds available to the best man to pay wedding service fees as well as those of any musicians which you have engaged.
Check that your have all your honeymoon packing complete.
Give tickets and travel documents to the best man for safekeeping.

The Day Before.

Organize the transportation of your wedding cake to the reception.
Give your attendants their gifts.
Pamper yourself have a manicure, pedicure, bath or shower and an early night.

The Big Day.

Get up early, have a good breakfast, and relax in a warm bath, ready for the arrival of your hair stylist and make up artist. Give yourself lots of time to dress and get ready. Take your time and enjoy yourself. This is your day so savior it.