For Weddings in Ireland.

Your Wedding Cake.

Origins Of The Wedding Cake.

The tradition of the wedding comes to us from our distant past. There were several cakes although they were not cakes as we would perceive a cake today they were origionally made from wheat, and were broken over the bride's head, this was meant to bestow good luck and fertility upon her.

Types Of Cake.

It isn't so very many years ago that all wedding cake's were a tiered fruit cake with royal icing. Today things have changed radically, designing and baking cakes has now almost become an art form. There is a bewildering array of styles, flavours and fillings available today.

Number of slices

The size of the cake you order is directly dependant on the number of guests you intend to invite to your reception, each guest should get a slice, and don't forget that a slice should be sent to guests or relations who for whatever reason could not attend the wedding.

Find A Supplier.

So how do you find a cake supplier? Really the best way is by recommendation, ask your reception venue manager he will have first hand knowledge of many of the local bakery's he will have seen and perhaps even tasted their products. On our miscellaneous page we have a cakes and confectionery section. You are sure to find a supplier there.

Bake Your Own.

Bake your own cake with our recipe. although a word of warning, it is considered unlucky for the bride to bake her own cake, of course it would be ok for your mum or sister. See wedding cake traditions .