For Weddings in Ireland.

The Groom's Attire.

The formality of the wedding and your personal taste are just two of the factors affecting your choice of attire for the big day. If a grand formal affair is planned then the choice will most likely be bow tie and tails with an ornate waistcoat.

If your plans are for something less formal then a simple suit will suffice quite well. Nothing looks better than a navy blue, charcoal or black suit with white shirt and dark tie.
In America particularly on the west coast, beach wedding are becoming quite popular, the dress code for these are often informal in the extreme consisting of jeans or shorts and a tee shirt. For an informal wedding a navy blazer and khakis or gray flannels would look very well. It may be some time before we in Ireland adopt informality to the extent of wearing denim.

Whatever you choose don't neglect to consult the little lady, she no doubt possesses excellent taste and she will want you dressed in something which will complement her and the outfit which she has chosen..

To Buy Or Hire.

Whether or not you buy your wedding suit will depend to some extent on the formality of your wedding, if it is to be formal, then unless you have occasion to need a formal suit for your job, you would be best to hire. If on the other hand it is less formal a good quality suit is all that would be required, it could be considered a good investment to purchase a suit which may give you service for some time to come.

hoose a Suit To Complement Your Body Form.

Tall And Slender.

For your body form most people would agree that you would be best with a double breasted jacket, with some shoulder padding if thought necessary. You should choose trousers that are not excessively tight.

Having said that with your particular body form you are fortunate that you will look good in most styles.

Tall And Well Built.

Usually single-breasted jacket with one button, if you have muscular thighs the trouser legs should be slightly wider. Choose a bow tie of fuller form rather than a thin one.

The shawl collar suit is a good choice, single-breasted, with the button at the belt line this will have the effect of making your torso appear longer and leaner. Choose a jacket with shoulder padding, and you should consider wearing pleated trousers. Avoid very small ties if you have a large face or neck.

Short And Thin.

Choosing a single-breasted jacket with a low single button will lengthen the lines of your look. If you'd prefer to appear broader, a notched lapel is a good choice. You can create the same effect with a double-breasted jacket.

Smaller bow ties are the best choice for your frame, as are waistcoats with elegant, understated pattern.

Groom's Buttonhole.

This tradition comes from the time when a Knight would wear his Lady's colours to display his love. The groom usually chooses a flower which also occurs in the bride's bouquet.

Studs And Cufflinks.

Although suit shirts are available with button cuffs, the so called French cuffs fastened with cufflinks are commonly chosen. Some suit shirts have special buttonholes below the neck for the insertion of shirt studs. They come in sets of four and should match your cufflinks.