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Keeping your relationship alive requires both partners to understand and respect each other, their needs and aspirations and also to be genuinely interested in the others activities, if they have shared interests which they engage in together then they are especially fortunate.
Talking everything over together is one of the key factors in marital success, keeping resentments of whatever kind bottled up is guaranteed to lead to friction and conflict in the future

Complement each other on their achievements, their looks and their tastes.

A Romantic Lingerie Dinner.

Every so often say once a month turn the heating up, cook a sumptuous meal disconnect the phone's, put on some background music, and have a romantic candlelit meal with a bottle of your favourite wine, wearing only your sexiest lingerie. You will both be assured of enjoying an evening which you will remember with delight for many years to come, and one that you will both wish to repeat.

Relive Choice Moment From The Past.

We all can remember times in our past when we have enjoyed a particularly happy or erotic experience, talk over with your partner what, for both of you would be yours, and make arrangements to relive it This may entail returning to your honeymoon hotel for a night, don't forget to take along the clothes and lingerie you wore on the night.

Be Demure.

Don't flaunt your body all the time, most men are turned on by what is hidden or partially hidden, this may seem to contradict what has been said before on this page, but be assured that in most cases it is true. If you appear in lingerie that obscures, partially obscures or occasionally gives glimpses of your intimate places you will elicit a

Play Games.

There are several adult games on the market.
Some relationship counsellors recommend playing doctors and nurses.

Positive Don'ts.

Don't bespeak each other in public.

Avoid Routine.

Avoid sexual routine this will inevitably lead to boredom, which must be avoided at all costs, experiment sexually but only if the other partner is comfortable with what is going on.
Discuss any sexual fantasies you may have with each other and if both are willing put them into practise.
We are fortunate today that our society no longer expects sexuality to be repressed.

Mutual Grooming.

Mutual grooming is another way of consolidating the bond between couples, it can be observed widely in the animal world, and certainly enhance human relationships. Bathe together or separately assisting each other, if you wax or shave your bikini line why not let your partner help you with this delicate task, I'm sure he will enjoy it immensely and it will culminate in a romantic and satisfying evening for both. While on this subject some women trim their pubichair and shave it into a shape such as a heart, Why not consider doing this as a surprise treat for him. Don't forget to let him know discretely if you have a treat in mind which you would particularly like, undoubtedly he will be delighted to supply it.