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Reception Questions.

What details do I put on my order of service cards ? The order of service cards are exactly what they say. You must list on them The entrance music, Prayers, Hymns, Marriage, Benediction. For suggestions on wording visit our stationary page.
I am getting married soon in a rural area of western Ireland. How will the guests who are unfamiliar with the area find the reception. When you are having your invitations printed, you could ask your stationers if they could print a local area map with the venues marked.
If you have a wedding web site you could have a map and directions to the venue posted on your site, although obviously this would only help those of your guests who had Internet access.
Don't forget if you have a web site to include the URL on the invitations.
On our sister site you will find information about travelling to and in Ireland, as well as places to stay.
I am having difficulty planning the seating arrangements at my reception can you help ? There isn't any point giving you an answer here, if you visit the seating at your reception page you may find some help there. We also have a page dedicated to seating at the church.
Could you tell us about the toasts at the reception.
J McS of Donegal
The matter of wedding speeches and toasts is covered on this page, it is one of the pages which we plan to update in the near future, perhaps adding some speech transcripts.


A friend of mine is going through the menopause at the age of 31. Will she be unable to have children. The average age women reach menopause is 53 it is uncommon to experience it at the age of 31 The period usually becomes less regular in the years leading up to the menopause. Having irregular or no periods at your friends early age rarely means that they are menopausal. She should see her doctor, and unfortunately if the menopause is diagnosed, she will be unable to conceive. Her doctor may proscribe long term course of hormone replacement therapy, which will reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis which because of the changes in her oestrogen levels, she may be susceptible to.


My sister is twenty two and is to be one of my bridesmaids, she is very small for her age only taking child size xx shoes. Where could she adult style shoes in this style, or is it possible to get shoes made? This is not an uncommon problem, if you visit this page on our sister site you will find at least two, companies who will be able to make or arrange to be made small sized shoes in adult styles.