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Insure Your Wedding.

 Your wedding is the most important day of your life. After all the time and money which you have put into arranging your special day, itís important you have the right insurance just in case anything should go wrong.
Things don't often go wrong but they can, most of the people who supply your wedding services are professionals some with many years of experience, some even generations, and they will have contingencies plans to put into operation in the event of a mishap.

Suppose your photographer breaks down or has an accident on the way to your wedding, or the best man is transporting your cake to the reception venue and it overturns in the boot of his car, this is the sort of thing that the insurance will cover.

We would strongly advise you to take out a policy, if only for your peace of mind. Although you make every effort to ensure the numerous details you have set into motion all come together at the right time to realize the wedding day of your dreams, there are many factors that can conspire to adversely affect or perhaps even postpone your special day, these are matters which are totally outside of your control. It may be the illness of the bride or groom (or a close family member) or your deposit is lost to a vendor who has gone bankrupt, wedding insurance can safeguard the investment you are making in your wedding and give you the confidence and of course the peace of mind in knowing that you big day is covered. These remarkably affordable policies are specially tailored to meet the needs of couples planning a wedding and are appropriate for both small and large events.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to protect you from financial loss in the event your wedding must be canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond your control, or one of the major elements of your wedding (e.g., photographs, wedding attire and gifts) is lost or damaged. Most policies will respond in the event of a cancellation or postponement resulting from causes ranging from such common concerns as adverse weather and illness to lesser thought of events such as unemployment and, in many cases, terrorist acts. In addition to providing coverage for cancellation and postponement, many wedding insurance policies include coverage to protect your wedding photography, wedding gown and attendant clothing, jewelry and gifts from damage or loss. Finally, most wedding insurance programs also provide the ability to purchase liability and property damage coverage to protect the wedding couple against claims for damage to the premises and or property rented for the wedding reception.

What Is Covered?

Not all wedding insurance policies are alike and the cost for a policy naturally depends on the coverage limits you need.
Key People.
If people crucial to the wedding are unable to attend due to illness or injury, the cost of postponing the event is covered. This also holds true if the officiate fails to appear on your wedding day.
Service Providers.
If your caterer doesn't arrive with the food, or the ceremony or reception site burns down or goes out of business, you're covered for the cost of your nonrefundable deposits paid and expenses incurred so that you can reschedule your special day. Some policies will also include coverage for the increased cost of replacement items or services, if they are available, to avoid a postponement of your event.

Additional Coverage's

There are a number of additional areas that can be covered by a wedding insurance policy, either as part of a package coverage or which may be added at an additional charge, including the following:
Photographs & Video. If your photographer fails to show, if the film used for your photos is defective, or if the negatives are lost, destroyed, or improperly developed, this coverage allows you to reunite the wedding party for a re-shoot to capture your wedding memories.
Gifts. This coverage is designed to protect you against the theft, damage or loss of your wedding gifts.
Wedding Attire.
If your wedding gown or the attire of one of your attendants is lost or damaged, this coverage will provide for repair or replacement.
Loss of Deposits.
If one of your vendors goes bankrupt or ceases doing business, this coverage will respond to reimburse you for any deposits you may lose as a result.
Personal Liability.
More and more, wedding couples are expected to carry their own liability insurance to protect their ceremony and reception sites against damage to property and injury to guests. Without such coverage, you may be left vulnerable to expensive bills and or lawsuits.

Insurance Company's

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