Driving in Ireland.

In Ireland north and south we drive on the left hand side of the road, all cars are right-hand drive. Manual transmission is standard although automatics are available. An EU driving licence is valid in Ireland. If you're from outside the EU its a good idea to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP), usually available from your local motoring organization or motor taxation department.

It is interesting to note that driving on the left originates from AD 120 when traffic on the new Roman roads built in Britain was ordered to drive on the left.

The road system in Ireland is generally quite good, most large city's are connected by motorways or dual carriageways. Some traffic congestion can be expected in and around city's and large towns, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours, try to avoid these if possible. Southern Ireland operate a toll system on their motorways always carry a few euros, the toll booths will accept Sterling (English money) but will treat it £ for € so you will loose out.

Speed Limits.

Republic of Ireland:
All speed limits are in kilometers per hour. The limits are as follows:

120 km/h motorways (75 MPH)
100 km/h national roads (60 MPH)
80 km/h non-national roads (regional and local roads) (50 MPH)
50 km/h built-up area (30 MPH)

Distances quoted on signposts are in kilometers.

Northern Ireland:
All speeds are in miles-per-hour and distances in miles.

Please note
Ireland both north and south have installed speed cameras, and automatic penalties are imposed on any vehicles breaking the speed limits.

Litter Laws.
Strict anti littering laws are in force north and south, it is not unknown for fixed penalties to be issued to vehicles throwing a cigarette butt from a car, judging from many city footpaths pedestrians are exempt from this law.

Rules of Car Rental in Ireland.

If you are an EU citizen to hire a car in Ireland you must produce a current credit card and a full driving license valid in your country of residence (You must have held the licence for at least two years without endorsements) .

If you are from outside the EU you should obtain an International Driver's Licence (Contact your local Automobile Association or motor tax authority) Usually only persons over the age of twenty three and under seventy are eligible to hire a car. The minimum hiring age varies with different companies you should check this when booking.

Hire rate includes third part liability insurance, unlimited mileage, value added tax and usually also passenger indemnity insurance. If the hirer does not take out additional insurance (Collision Damage Waiver), he is liable for replacement of the car. In the event of an accident always notify the car hire company immediately.

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