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William Rowan Hamilton.

Famous Irish People.

William Rowan Hamilton.


William Rowan Hamilton was born in Dublin in 1805 he was educated by his uncle in Trim, Co Meath. He showed great promise as a mathematician from an early age. He could read and do maths at the age of three, was studying Greek, Latin and hebrew at the age of five, at the age of thirteen he had a good knowledge of thirteen languages, at fourteen he wrote a welcome in Persian for a visit of the Persian ambassador to Dublin.

At the age of 22 and still and undergraduate he was appointed professor of astronomy at Trinity College Dublin and soon after Astronomer Royal of Ireland, It is his theory of quantum mechanics for which he is famous, the full importance of his formula is only now becoming appreciated with its application in the new technology's of computer's graphics, the Internet and space .

His Eureka moment is celebrated each year in Dublin when he famously wrote out his theory on the arch of a bridge, after it came to him on the way to a party with his wife. He was also a noted linguist and poet. He died in 1865.

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