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Wolf Tone.

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Wolf Tone

(1763 - 1798)

Theobald Wolfe Tone was an Irish soldier and patriot, he was born in Dublin. In 1786 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin and was called to the bar in 1789. Tone although a protestant is regarded by some as one of the founding fathers of Irish republicanism.

He was one of the founders of the United Irishmen, a revolutionary organization inspired by the French revolution and the American war of independence. Tone was one of the leaders of the rebellion of 1798. He received help in France from the leaders of the French Revolution. Tone was captured at sea with General Humbert of France by a large English fleet. The French fleet was unable to land in Ireland because of bad weather (The Protestant wind) He was taken to Dublin and condemned to be hanged drawn and quartered. He cheated the hangman by cutting his throat, he died a lingering death in his cell seven days later.

Wolfe Tone is buried near Sallins village County Kildare, in Bodenstown graveyard. Each summer, Irish Republicans of various political and paramilitary groupings congregate at Sallins to hold commemorations at Tone's grave.

Belfast Harp Festival 1792

Wolfe Tone was in Belfast in 1792 during the harp festival , he did not enjoy his time there, as on previous occasions. Spending the night in hard drinking and idealistic political argument, his comments on the Harp Festival were as follows.

July 11th 1792

"Rise with a great headache----stupid as a mill horse. All go the harpers at one; poor enough; ten harpers; seven execrable, three good, one of them Fannning far the best. No new musical discovery; believe all the good Irish tunes are already written."

July 12th 1792

"Rise again with a headache, resulting from late hours.... do not know what to do..... lounge to the harpers.

July 13th 1792

"Rise again with a headache... Belfast not half so pleasant this time as last: politics just as good or better, everything else worse.....generally in low spirits.....the harpers again,

struim, struim and be hanged.

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