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Thomas Moore.

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Thomas Moore.


Thomas Moore was born in Dublin in 1779, his early talent was nurtured by his mother, and soon grew to be a widely recognized figure in Dublin society. As a friend, of Robert Emmett and Lord Edward Fitzgerald, both leaders of the United Irish Men,

Lord Edward, although a son of the Duke of Leinster, (largest landowner in Ireland at the time), died of his wounds, before he was brought to trial, for insurrection, after the failed rebellion of 1798. Robert Emmett was not so fortunate and was publicly executed as a traitor, which great affected Thomas Moore, who wrote many songs to his dead friend over his lifetime including Oft in the Stilly Night. Thomas Moore was fortunate that no breath of suspicion was attached to him, in the aftermath of this Irish disaster

He left for London shortly after these sad events, where, his good looks, charm and talent, soon, brought him fame in society.

In London, using his talent as a musician, he was able to take existing Irish music, unscrupulously adapting it to fit his poetry. The romantic sad songs, of a lost glorious past, of the Minstrel boy going to war with his wild harp slung behind him.

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