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Robert Emmet.

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Robert Emmet.


Emmet was born in Dublin, he was the youngest son of Dr. Robert Emmet. Robert entered Trinity college in 1793, and quickly became one of the leaders of The United Irishmen within the college.

While on the continent with his brother Thomas, the two met and discussed Irish Independence with Napoleon and Tallyrand. Upon his return to Ireland in the same year, Robert set about organizing an uprising that he hoped would coincide with Napoleon's invasion of England in August, he established an arms depot in Dublin.

In July 1803 following an explosion in one of his Dublin depot's, he called for the rising to begin. He was expecting assistance from outside Dublin, this never materialized and the whole event ended in disaster. There seems to have been complete disarray in the command structure with the various leaders arguing between themselves.

Emmet decided to attacked Dublin Castle, on his way there he murdered Arthur Wolfe, Lord Kilwarden and the Lord chief Justice, . Emmet and his fiancee Sarah Curran, had planned to escape to America after the rising, but he was arrested by Major Henry Sirr, and tried for treason. He was found guilty and hanged and beheaded on 20th September 1803. A statue was erected to his memory close to his birth place in Dublin.

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