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Brackenridge's Folly.


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Brackenridge's Folly


George Charles Trimble, was self made man, who became a prominent barrister and landlord in Tyrone, in 1862 he is recorded as owning over 2,600 acres. He was born a Presbyterian, but became an atheist and despite his beliefs, used church connections, to became a layman in the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Clogher, which gave him social standing and a vestige of respectability.

Brackenridge lived in Ashfield House near Clogher County Tyrone, he dined with the writer William Carlton a Tyrone man when he revisited Clogher in 1847. Carlton and Brackenridge became friends, Carlton went on to write a novel about him entitled 'The Black Baronet'

Marrying into the Bunberry family of Augher castle, he used his grandmothers name and assumed the title of Lord Brackenridge. From their marriage, they had a son Upton, born in 1872.

When Upton grew up he moved to Paris where supported by his father's money the young man lived the life of a playboy. After some time he married a French lady who spoke little English, he died in 1927 at the age of 55.

Brackenridge was not a popular man in his locality, he was looked down upon by the ruling class. His solution to remedy this was to build a mausoleum on a hilltop, so that people who looked down upon him in his lifetime were forced to look up to him after his death.

His mausoleum was just after the famine its construction provided much needed employment, it consists of a vault with a three storey tower topped with iron railings, It can be seen from a large area of the Clogher valley

George Brackenridge died in July 1879 and was buried in his vault. There he lay undisturbed until his tomb was broken into by the Black and Tans who stole his his rings and watch chain.

During the second world war it is said American GI's stationed locally also broke into the tomb.

There is no public access to the monument.

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