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Agnes Campbell.

Famous Irish Women.


Agnes Campbell was one of the most important figures in the Scottish-Ulster political scene of the late 1500's. Her father was the 4th earl of Argyle and her brother became the 5th, she was married to James MacDonald of the Isles (d1565). In 1569 she married Turlough Luineach O'Neill (c1530-1595) chief of the O'Neills.

She was regarded as a shrewd diplomat, and was largely responsible for maintaining the power of the O'Neill's, she was a key figure in the supply of Scottish mercenaries deployed in Ulster and Connacht, she held immense influence in Ireland and had it within her power to destroy or advance several Irish Lords. In Scotland she was responsible for brokering truces between the Campbell's and Macdonald's. There is no reference to her after 1590 and it is assumed she died around this period.


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