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Maeve of Connaught.

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Maeve was the legendary warrior queen of Connaught, according to Irish mythology no king could rule in Connaught unless he were married to Maeve who held the sovereignty in her person.

Maeve's most famous exploit is the invasion of Ulster to capture the famous brown bull of Cuailbne 'Cooley' in it she captures the bull and the Ulster hero Cuhullain is killed.

Ulster's revenge came some time later when she is killed by Forbai son of king Conchobhar 'Connor' Mac Nessa. Forbai discovered that Maeve bathed in a pool in Galway, he visited the pool and measured the distance from a hiding place to where she bathed.

On returning to Eamain Macha in Ulster he practiced with a slingshot until he could knock an apple from a pole at the same distance. He made his way back to Galway and waited until Maeve came to the pool, there he struck her on the forehead with a single shot, thus Ulster was avenged.