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The Ulaid.



The Ulaid or Ulaidh were a tribe of early Ireland, at the height of their power their terority stretched from the River Boyne in present day Meath west to County Leitrim, and include County Down and much of Antrim. Their capital was Emain Macha just west o Armagh City. The provence of Ulster derives its name from the Ulaid.

The Annals of the four masters records a battle in 331 'when the three\Collas defeated their king Fergus Forga in the Battle of Achadh Leithdheirg in County Monaghan'. After this battle the Ulaid terority was much reduced, it was\probably after this battle Emain Macha was destroyed, Fergus Foga was the last Ulaid king to rule there.It was abandoned and the Ulaid were forced into eastern County Down where they became known as the Dál Fiatach and the Dál nAraidi.

Cuhullain was a legendary hero of the Ulaid, the stories of Tain in the Irish Cycles, tells of him singlehandedly defending Ulster against the invading armies of Maeve of Conauht.