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Sheela na Gig.

Síle na gcioch.
Sheila of the teats.

If you visit this site you'll be astounded at the number of Sile na Gig's in Ireland


These are ancient carvings of a naked female displaying exaggerated genitalia, mostly found on medieval churches and buildings. The figures are variously interpreted as pagan fertility symbols, Celtic war goddesses, the fact that some are found on churches would perhaps indicate they were later used as Christian morality tableau.

Early sagas refer to warriors such as Cuchulainn being subdued by women exposing their genitals. Examples are to be seen on White island lower Lough Erne Co Fermanagh and Bunratty Castle Co Clare.

There is a collection of them in the National Museum in Dublin, they are not on public display to see them you need to make prior arrangements with the curator.

The image on this page and the text below were kindly supplied by Gabriel Cannon, click the image to visit his site.

On the subject of museums, the National Museum, Dublin has about ten sheelas in the basement and 2 on display. Museums at Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny, Tralee, Bunratty, Cashel and Ballyjamesduff also have sheelas on display.
Most visitors would opt to visit these as the others can take a bit of