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The Nomadic.

Tender to The Titanic.


The Nomadic, now docked in Belfast is the last surviving ship from the era of the White Star and Cunard transatlantic passenger liners. She is one of the last and the certainly the most tangible link to the legendary Titanic built by The Harland and Wolff Shipyard Belfast, Nomadic was in fact built on a slip beside the Titanic, she was launched on 25th April twenty five days after the Titanic, which was tragically to be lost in the cold water of the north Atlantic at 2.20 am on 15th April 1912, it is poignant that many of the 142 passengers who embarked The Nordic at Cherbourg for the short journey to the waiting Titanic, where they would be cosseted in luxury, little did they realize as they watched the green hills of Ireland slip beneath the horizon as the Titanic set off from Queenstown (Cobh) that many of them had little more than two days to live

Belfast is indeed fortunate to have in its possession such a valuable link to the past, one which will in the near future become its flagship tourist attraction, facilitating the ever growing world wide fascination of the Titanic story. The Nordic will also give an opportunity to chronicle Belfast's rich and varied maritime history, the project will bring substantial financial benefit not just to Belfast but to the island of Ireland as a whole

Without the dedicated band of individuals, who under the banner of 'The Nomadic Preservation Society', by raising awareness of the Nomadic's plight, and highlighting its historical significance, as a last link to the Titanic, successfully campaigned and brought the ship to Belfast. Deserving of a special mention are two young gentlemen Mervyn Pritchard and Rupert Keyzar who are part of the ships staff, or is it crew? their enthusiasm is infectious, not for them a nine to five routine. Without them and the group of volunteers, the Nomadic project would founder just as surely as its big sister The Titanic did so long ago.

To find out more about the Nomadic past and present as well as future plans visit the society's excellent web site where you will find a wealth of information, blueprints and photographs. . On the site you can join the society and avail yourself of the many benefits of membership, visit their online store, or take part in one of their forums about the Nomadic and Titanic. You can read an excellent article on the Nomadic site, about shipbuilding methods at the time of Nomadic's construction, written by Rupert.

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