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The Boyne canal built between 1759 and 1800 to bypass the Boyne's rapids between Drogheda and Navan, there are a total of 20 locks along its length. The canal was never a financial success and was abandoned in 1923. Although in the 164 years it was in use, it must have carried a considerable amount of traffic.

The image on the right shows easternmost of the locks where the canal joined the tidal section of the Boyne. A poignant image of times long past.

The image on the left is taken just south of Newgrange and shows

On the left is where the navigation meets the River Boyne and takes its head water

Head water for the Boyne Navigation came from the River Boyne, just south of Newgrange in County Meath

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Perhaps with a little foresight, and more than a little funding it would be possible to reinstate the canal. Adding another string, to the tourism bow of Meath and other counties to the west.

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