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Wedding and Birthday Favours etc.
In Ireland.

Offering an extensive range of wedding cakes and favours.
Celebrations Wedding Cakes
1 Tir Connell Close
Lismore Heights
Co Waterford
Tel +353 (0)51 373 499
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Sweet boxes, favour accessories and diy supplies. All of which can be viewed and purchased in our online shop.

Co Down.


Favours for all occasions.

Are you planning a Wedding, Christening a Halloween, Birthday or Christmas party?

Gemma and Lisa can make it special with their unique collection of favours, Arches, Cloud Nine Designs, Table Centre's, Floor Clusters, plus much more.

Have you ever seen a 5ft Inflatable Champagne Bottle? Gemma and Lisa can supply you with one for your party, together with balloons in many shapes, sizes and arrangements.

Co Down
Tel +028 44 881167
or 028 44 881793
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Gemma Mobile 077 2726 5686
Lisa Mobile 078 7705 4495

If you need Favours with a Personal Touch visit Castlemahon website or contact Gemma or Lisa for a friendly efficient service.



Beautiful collection of Favours tailored for all occasions.

Adding the SPECIAL to OCCASSION, BBbonbon is packed with high quality, creative, sophisticated, delicate and fun loving favours for you to choose from.

B B Bonbon
7 Seabury Wood
Co. Dublin
Tel +353 (0)1 8456351
Mobile +353 086 064 9222
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While there are many websites selling favours, this is the only favours boutique online.

Our favours are all hand made to suit your taste and budget, they come fully assembled and delivered to your doorstep.


We supply only the best of Italian favours!