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Ulster Towns Directory of 1910
Abbey | in 1837 Co Clare    
Abbeydorney | in 1837 Co Kerry    
Abbeyfeale | in 1837 Co Limerick Abbey of the river Feale.  
Abbeygormagan | in 1837 Co Leitrim    
Abbeygormican Co Galway The abbey of the O'Cormacans.  
Abbeyknockmoy | in 1837 Co Galway    
Abbeymahon | in 1837 Co Cork    
Abbeylaragh | in 1837 Co Longford The monastery of Lerha  
Abbeyshrule Co Longford From a monastery founded there by one of the O'Farrells. It was anciently called Sruthair [Sruher], F. M., i. e. the stream, of which Shrule is a corruption.  
Abbeyleix Co Laois Abbeyleix ; the abbey of the old principality of Leix, so called from a monastery founded there in 1183 by Conor 0'Moore. In the reign of Felimy the Lawgiver (A. D. 111 to 119), this territory was given by the king of Leinster to Lughaidh Laeighseach [Lewy Leeshagh], Conall Carnach's grandson, for helping to expel the Munstermen who had seized on Ossory. Lewy's descendants, the O'Moores, took from him the tribe name, Laeighis [Leesh], and their territory was called by the same name, now modernized to Leix.
Abbeystrowry | in 1837 Co Cork The same name as the last. The sruthair or stream from which it was called, gave name also to Bealnashrura (the beal or ford-mouth of the stream) a village situated at an ancient ford.  
Achill Sound Co Mayo    
Achill Island Co Mayo    
Achonry Co Sligo Achadh-Chonaire [Aha-Conary], F. M., Conary's field.  
Aclare Co Sligo    
Adare Co Limerick Ath-dara [Ah-dara], F. M., the ford of the oak tree. A large oak must have anciently overshadowed the old ford on the Maigue.  
Addergoole   Addragool, Adrigole, Adrigoole; Eadar-dha-ghabhal [Adragoul], i. e. (a place) between two (river) forks.  
Aderrig;   Ath-dearg, red ford. See Aghaderg.  
Affane   On the Blackwater below Cappoquin; Ath-mheadhon, [Ah-vane], F. M., middle ford.  
Aghaboe Co Laois Aghaboe in Queen's County, where St. Canice of Kilkenny had his principal church. Adamnan in his Life of St. Columkille, written in the seventh century, has the following passage, which settles the meaning:-"St. Canice being in the monastery which is called in Latin Campulus bovis (i. e. the field of the cow), but in Irish Ached-bou"
Aghaboy   Achadh-buidhe [Aha-boy], yellow field.  
Aghabullogue Co Cork    
Aghacross Co Cork Near Kildorrery in Cork; the ford of the cross; probably from a cross erected in connexion with St. Molaga's adjacent establishment, to mark a ford on the Funcheon. See Templemolaga.  
Aghada Co Cork Ath-fhada [Ahada], long ford.  
Aghaderg   Ath-dearg, red ford. See Aderrig.  
Aghadoe Co Kerry Near Killarney; Achad-da-eo [Aha-daw-o], F. M., the field of the two yew trees.  
Aghadowey Co Derry Achadh-Dubhthaigh [Ahaduffy], O'C. Cal., Duffy's field.  
Aghadown   And Aghadoon; the field of the dun or fort.  
Aghadreen   Aghadreenagh, Aghadreenan, Aghadrinagh; the field of the dreens or sloe bushes (draeighean)  
Aghafad   Aghafadda; long field.  
Aghagallon Co Antrim The field of the gallan or standing stone.  
Aghagower Co Mayo The correct name would be Agha-fower, for the ancient form, as found in the old Lives of St. Patrick, is Achadh-fobhair, the field of the spring, from a celebrated well, now called St. Patrick's well. The present form is written in Hy F., Achadh-gabhair, which means the field of the goat.  
Co Mayo Agha field.  
Aghalee Co Antrim   Aghalee
Aghamore   Achadh-mor, great field.  
Aghanloo   Athan-Lugha, Lugh's or Lewy's little ford.  
Aghavea Co Fermanagh Achadh-beithe [Ahabehy], F. M , the field of the birch trees.  
Aghaveagh Co Donegal and Tyrone; same as last, the field of the birch trees.  
Aghavilla   Aghaville, Aghavilly; Achadh-bhile, the field of the bile or old tree.  
Aghaviller Co Kilkenny Achadh-biorair [Ahabirrer], F. M., the field of the watercresses  
Aghindarragh Co Tyrone The field of the oak. Aghintamy near Monaghan ; Achadh- an-tsamhaidh, the field of the sorrel.  
Aghern | in 1837 Co Cork    
Aglish | in 1837 Co Cork    
Allihies Co Cork    
Aghmacart Co Laois in Queen's County; the field of Art's son.  
Aghnamullen Co Monaghan The field of the mills.  
Aghnaskea   Aghnaskeagh, Aghnaskew; Achadh-na-sceach, the field of the white-thorn bushes.  
Aghowle Co Wicklow Achadh-abhla, the field of the apple trees.  
Aglish   Eaglais [aglish], a church.  
Aglishcloghane Co Tipperary The church of the cloghaun or row of stepping stones.  
Aglishcormick Co Limerick St. Cormac's church.  
Aglishdrinagh Co Cork Eaglais-draeighneach, the church of the dreens or sloe bushes.  
Agolagh Co Antrim; Ath-gobhlach, forked ford.  
Ahacross | in 1837 Co Cork    
Ahane   Ahaun; Athan, little ford.  
Ahaphuca   The ford of the pooka or spright.  
Ahascragh Co Galway Ath-eascrach, F. M,, the ford of the esker or sand-hill.  
Ahoghill Co Antrim   Ahoghill
Aille   Aill, a cliff.  
Alleen   Aillin, a little cliff.  
Alt   Alt, a height, the side of a glen.  
Altan   Little cliff or glen side.  
Altaturk   The glen side of the boar (torc).  
Altavilla   The glen side of the bile or old tree.  
Altinure   Alt-an-iubhair [yure], the glen side of the yew tree.  
Altnaveagh   And Altnaveigh; Alt-na-bhfiach, the cliff or glen side of the fiachs or ravens.  
Anna   Eanach, a marsh.  
Annabella Co Cork near Mallow; Eanach-bile, the marsh of the bile or old tree.  
Annaclone Co Down The marsh of the meadow (cluain).  
Annacotty Co Limerick Ath-na-coite, the ford of the cot or little boat.  
Annacramph Co Armagh and Monaghan; Eanach-creamha, the marsh of the wild garlick.  
Annaduff   Eanach-dubh, F. M., black marsh.  
Annagh   Eanach, a marsh.  
Annaghaskin Co Dublin, near Bray; Eanach-easgann, the marsh of the eels.  
Annaghbeg   Little marsh,  
Annaghmore Co Armagh Great marsh.  
Annahagh   Annahaia in Monaghan and Armagh; Ath-na-haithe, the ford of the kiln (aith).  
Annahavil   Eanach-abhaill, the marsh of the orchard (abhall).  
Annahilt Co Down Eanach-eilte, the marsh of the doe (eilit).  
Annakisha   The ford of the kish or wickerwork causeway.  
Annagassan Co Louth Áth na gCasán, ford of the paths  
Annalong | Co Down Ath-na-long, the ford of the ships (long): the ford was near the place where vessels used to be moored or anchored.  Annalong
Annamoe Co Wicklow Ath-na-mbo, the ford of the cows (bo).  
Anny   Eanach, a marsh.  
Arboe Co Tyrone Ard-bo, the cow's height.  
Ard;   High; a height.  
Ardagh   Ard-achadh [Ard-aha], high field.  
Ardaghy   High field.  
Ardan   Ardane, Ardaun; little ard or height.  
Ardara Co Donegal Ard-a'-raith, the height of the rath, from a hill near the village, on which stands a conspicuous fort. Ardara
Ardataggle   Ardateggle; Ard-a'-tseagail, the height of the rye (seagal).  
Ardbane   Ardbaun; white height.  
Ardbeg   Lttle height.  
Ardbraccan Co Meath St. Brecan's height. St. Brecan erected a church here in the sixth century, some time previous to his removal to the great island of Aran, where he had his chief establishment.  
Ardcarn   The height of the carn or monumental heap.  
Ardcath   The height of the battle (cath).  
Ardare | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick    
Ardee | Lewis 1837 Co Louth Old English form Atherdee, which represents the Irish Ath-Fhirdia [Ahirdee], as it is written in Irish authorities, the ford of Ferdia, a chieftain who was slain there in battle by Cuchullin in the first century.  
Ardeen Co Cork And Kerry; little height.  
Ardeevin   Ard-aeibhinn, beautiful height.  
Arderin   The height of Erin or Ireland.  
Ardfert Co Kerry Ard-ferta, E. M., the height of the grave. Sometimes called Ardfert-Brendan, from St. Brendan the navigator, who founded a monastery there in the sixth century.  
Ardfinnan Co Tipperary The height of St. Finan, who founded a monastery there in the seventh century.  
Ardgeeha   Ard-gaeithe, height of the wind.  
Ardglass | Lewis Co Down Ard-glas, green height. Ardglass
Ardgoul   Ard-gabhal, high fork.  
Ardkeen   Ardcaein, beautiful height.  
Ardkill   High church or wood (cill or coill).  
Ardlougher   Ard-luachra, rushy height.  
Ardmayle   Ard-Maille, E. M., Malley's height.  
Ardmeen   Smooth height.  
Ardmore Co Waterford In various counties; great height.
Ardmulchan Co Meath Ard-Maelchon, E. M., Maelchon's height.  
Ardnacrusha   Ardnacrushy; the height of the cross.  
Ardnageeha   Ardnageehy; the height of the wind (gaeth).  
Ardnanean   The height of the birds (en).  
Ardnapreaghaun   The height of the prehauns or crows.  
Ardnarea Co Mayo Near Ballina; Ard-na-riaghadh [reea], Hy F., the hill of the executions. Four persons were executed here in the seventh century, for the murder of Kellach, bishop of Kilmore-Moy.  
Ardnurcher Co Westmeath A corruption of Athnurcher, from Ath-an-urchair, F. M., the ford of the cast or throw. According to a very ancient legend, a battle was fought here in the first century, between the Connaught and Ulster forces. Keth Mac Magach, a Connaught chief, threw a hard round ball at Conor mac Nessa, king of Ulster, and struck him on the head, from the effects of which the king died seven years afterwards.  
Ardpatrick   St. Patrick's height.  
Ardrahan Co Galway Ard-rathain, the height of the ferns.  
Ardskeagh   The height of the skeaghs or bushes.  
Ardstraw Co Tyrone; Ard-sratha [Ard-srawha], F. M., the height of (or near) the river holm.  
Ardstraw-bridge Co Tyrone Ard Raithin, "high ringfort  
Ardvally   in Donegal and Sligo.  
Ardvarna   Ardvarness, Ardvarney, Ardvarnish; Ard-bhearna and Ard-bhearnas, high gap.  
Arless Co Laois in Queen's County; Ard-lios, high fort.  
Ardrahan Co Galway Ard Raithin  
Ardress Co Armagh Height of the Brambles.
Ardvoley Co Leitrim    
Arklow | Lewis 1837 Co Wicklow An tInbhear Mór  
Arvagh Co Cavan    
Armagh City   Macha's Height. Legendary queen Armagh City
Armagh; Co Armagh Written in all Irish authorities Ard-Macha, which, in the Book of Armagh, is translated Altitudo Machae, Macha's height. From Queen Macha of the golden hair, who founded the palace of Emania, 300 years B.C.  
Armoy Co Antrim Airthir-Maighe [Arhir-moy], F. M., eastern plain. Armoy
Artimacormack Co Antrim Ard-tighe-Mic-Cormaic, the height of Mac Cormack's house.  
Artrea Co Derry Ard-Trea (Mart. Taml.), Trea's height. The virgin St. Trea flourished in the fifth century.  
Askeaton   Took its name from the cataract on the Deel near the town, which the F. M. call Eas-Gephtine [Ass-Geftine], Gephtine's cataract.  
Assaroe Co Donegal At Ballyshannon. The Book of Leinster states that Aedh-Ruadh [Ay-roo], queen Macha's father (see Armagh), was drowned in this cataract, which was thence called from him Eas-Aedha-Ruaidh [Assayroo], Aedh-Ruadh's waterfall.  
Assan   Assaun; small ass or waterfall.  
Assey Co Meath On the Boyne in Meath. The F. M. record that in A. D. 524 "the battle of Ath Sithe [Ah-Shee] was gained by Muircheartach (king of Ireland) against the Leinstermen, where Sithe [Shee] the son of Dian was slain, from whom Ath-Sithe (Sithis ford) is called."  
    Eas Geitine  
Ashford Co Wicklow    
Athenry Co Galway Ath-na-riogh [ree], F. M., the ford of the kings.
Athgoe Co Dublin The ford of the gow or smith.  
Athea Co Kerry    
Athlacca Co Limerick From a ford on the Morning Star river, called Ath-leacach, stony ford.  
Athleague Roscommon Ath-liag, F. M., the ford of the stones.  
Athlone Westmeath Fom the ancient ford over the Shannon, called in Irish authorities Ath-Luain, the ford of Luan, a man's name.  
Athneasy Co Limerick Called in the F. M., Ath-na-nDeise [Athnaneasy], the ford of (the tribe of) the Desii, who inhabited the old territory of Deisbeag, round Knockany.  
Athnid Co Tipperary The ford of the nead or bird's nest.  
Athnowen, Co Cork A parish near Ballincollig in Cork; from a ford on the river Bride, called Ath-'n-uamhainn [Ath-nooan], the ford of the cave (uaimh), from the great limestone cave at " The Ovens," near the ford.  
Attavally   Ait-a'-bhaile, the site of the bally or town. Atti or Atty in the beginning of a name, is the anglicised form of ait-tighe [aut-tee], the place or site of a house (ait and teach).  
Attidermot   The site of Dermot's house.  
Attiduff   The site of the black house.  
Attykit   The site of Ceat's or Keth's house.  
Aughall Co Tipperary And Aughil in Derry; Eochaill, the yew wood (eo and coill). See Youghal and Oghill.  
Augher | Lewis 1837 Co Tyrone BT77    
Aughinish   Each-inis, F. M., the island of horses.  
Aughnacloy | Lewis 1827 Co Tyrone BT69 Aehadh-na-cloiche [Ahanacloha], the field of the stone. Aughnacloy
Aughnahoy   Achadh-na-haithe, the field of the kiln (aith).  
Aughnanure Co Galway Near Oughterard in Galway; Achadh-na--niubhar [Ahananure], the field of the yew trees. One of the old yews still remains. (1906)  
Aughnish   Same as Aughinish.  
Aughrim | Lewis 1837 Co Galway The name is written in Irish documents, Each-dhruim [Agh-rim: dh silent], which Colgan translates Equi-mons, the hill, druim, or ridge, of the horse (each).  
Aughris   Aughrus; Each-ros, F. M., the peninsula of the horses.  
Avalbane   Avalreagh; white orchard, grey orchard (abhall).  
Avonmore   Avonbeg; great river, little river (abhainn).  
Aubeg   Abh-bheag, little river.  
Ayle   same as Aille  
An Daingean Co Kerry 'Dinglel'  
An Spidéal      
Athy Co Wicklow Athy. One of the battles between Lewy and the Munstermen (see Abbeyleix), was fought at a ford on the Barrow, where a Munster chief, Ae, was slain; and from him. the place was called Ath-I (Wars of GG), the ford of Ae.
Antrim Co Antrim    
Annacotty Co Limerick    
Ardare | Lewis 1837 County Limerick The ford of the oaks  
Ardglass Co Cork    
Armagh Co Armagh BT60 & 61    
Athenry Co Galway    
Askeaton | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick    
Audleystown Co Down Anglo Norman family Audley  
Aughagower Co Mayo    
Aughnaleck Co Field of the Flagstones.
Aughleam Co Mayo    
Avoca Co Wicklow    
Avondale Co Wicklow    


Ulster Towns Directory of 1910
Bagenalstown Co Carlow English plantation family Bagnal  
Bailieborough Co Cavan Scottish Plantation family Bailie Bailieborough
Balbriggan Co Dublin Baile Brigín Brigan's townland.  
Ballaghaderreen Co Roscommon Way of the little oak wood.
Ballaghnatrillick Co Sligo    
Co Laois Great pass.
Ballickmoyler Co Laois    
Ballina | Lewis 1837 Co Mayo Béal an Átha Mouth of the ford.  
Ballina Co Tipperary    
Ballinacarrigy Co Westmeath    
Ballinagh Co Fermanagh    
Ballinakill Co Laois Baile na Coille  
Ballinamallard Co Fermanagh   Ballinamallard
Ballinamore Co Leitrim    
Ballinasloe Co Galway Béal Átha na Slua " Mouth of the Ford of the Hosts"
Ballincollig Co Cork    
Ballindine Co Mayo    
Ballindooly Co Galway    
Ballineen Co Cork    
Ballingarry Co Limerick    
Baltinglass Co Wicklow    
Ballinhassig Co Cork    
Co Offaly Ballindooly-Townland of the dark warrior.  
Ballinrobe Co Mayo Possibly 'Battle town of the well'  
Ballintoy Co Antrim   Ballintoy
Ballisodare Co Sligo    
Co Mayo Town land of the well?.  
Ballintubbert Co Laois    
Co Kildare Ford mouth of the bleach green.  
Ballinamore Co Leitrim    
Ballinamuck Co Longford Beal Atha na Muice ’the mouth of the ford of the pig’  
Ballinskelligs Co Kerry    
Ballintober Co Mayo Town of the well  
Ballinasloe Co Galway Ford mouth of the hoasting.  
Ballon Co Carlow.    
Ballyadam Co Laois Town land of Adam.
Ballybay Co Monaghan   Ballybay
Ballybofey Co Donegal    
Ballybrittas Co Laois Baile Briotáis 'Town of the fortafied place'  
Ballybrophy Co Laois    
Ballybunion Co Kerry Donegal?    
Ballaghmore Co Laois Great pass.
Ballybofey Co Donegal   Ballybofey
Ballycastle Co Mayo    
Ballycastle Co Antrim BT54 Townland of the castle or stone fort. Ballycastle
Ballyclare Co Antrim BT39   Ballyclare
Ballycotton Co Cork    
Ballyconnell Co Cavan    
Ballydehob Co Cork The ford at the mouth of two rivers  
Ballydesmond Co Kerry    
Ballyduff Co Kerry    
Ballyfin Co laois    
Ballygarvan Co Cork    
Ballygawley Co Tyrone   Ballygawley
Ballygowan Co Down Townland of the blacksmith Ballygowan
Ballyhaise Co Cavan    
Ballyhalbert Co Down Bally-talbot, Talbotstown Norman Family  
Ballyhale Co Kilkenny    
Ballyhale Co Galway    
Ballyhaunis Co Roscommon    
Ballyheigue Co Kerry    
Ballymascanlon Co Louth    
Ballyjamesduff Co Cavan Black James' townland.
Ballylanders Co Limerick    
Co Clare Laughlan's townland.  
Ballylickey Co Cork    
Ballylongford Co kerry    
Ballylynan Co Laois    
Ballymahon Co Longford Baile Mathúna The town of Mahon.
Ballymakeera Co Cork    
Ballymena Co Antrim An Baile Meánach  
Ballymoney BT53 Co Antrim   Ballymoney
Ballymoreen | Lewis 1837 Co Tipperary    
Ballymoe Co Galway    
Ballymote Lewis Co Sligo    
Ballynary Co Sligo    
Ballynahinch Co Down BT24 The town of the inis or island. Ballynahinch
Ballynahinch Co Galway The town of the inis or island  
Ballyneety Co Limerick    
Ballyragget Co Kilkenny    
Ballyporeen Co Tipperary Beál Átha Poirín.  
Ballysadare Co Sligo    
Ballyvourney Co Kerry    
Ballywalter Co Down Walter De Arquilla, son of Lucian De Arquilla. Ballywalter
Baltimore Co Cork    
Banagher Co Offaly    
Bandon Co Cork    
Bangor Co Down    
Bansha Co Tipperary    
Barra Co    
Barringstownsbridge Co Limerick    
Ballyshannon Co Donegal Mouth of Seanach's ford.
Baltimore Co Cork    
Banagher Co Offaly    
Banbridge Co Down BT32 Droichead na Banna Bridge over the river Bann. Banbridge
Bandon Co Cork    
Bantry Co Cork Descendants of Beann.
Barleycove Co    
Belfast Co Antrim BT1 to 17 Mouth of the river Farcet.
Bangor Co Down BT19 Place of the Bangor
Banteer Co Kerry    
Bective Co Meath    
Belaghy Co Derry    
Belcoo Co Fermanagh    
Bellavary Co Mayo    
Belderrig Co Mayo    
Belfast | in 1837 Co Antrim BT1 to BT17 Béal Feirste Mouth of the river Farset  
Belmullet Co Mayo Béal an Mhuirthead Entrance to the Mullet peninsula.  
Belturbet Co Cavan    
Benburb Co Tyrone   Benburb
Bennetsbridge Co Kilkenny    
Beragh Co Tyrone   Beragh
Bessbrook Co Armagh   Bessbrook
Birr | Lewis 1837 Co Offaly    
Blacklion Co Leitrim    
Blackrock Co Dublin Carraig Dubh  
Blanchardstown Co Dublin    
Blarney Co Cork Small field.
Blessington Co Wicklow    
Booterstown Co Dublin Town of the road.  
Borrisoleigh Co Tipperary    
Borris Co Carlow    
Borris-in-Ossory Co Laois    
Borris Co Carlow Borough.
Borrisokane Co Tipperary    
Boyle Co Sligo    
Brandon Co Cork    
Bray Co Wicklow Bré Hill.  
Breaffy Co Mayo    
Broughshane Co Antrim   Broughshane
Bruff Co Limerick    
Bunclody County Wexford    
Buncrana Co Donegal Mouth of the river Crana. Buncrana
Bundoran Co Donegal    
Bunmahon Co Waterford    
Burtonport Co Donegal    
Bushmills Co Antrim BT57   Bushmills
Butlersbridge Co Cavan    
Buttevant Co Cork Cill na Mallach  
Bundoran Co Donegal Mouth of the river Dobhran.

      Ulster Towns Directory of 1910
Cadamstown Co Offaly    
Caherdaniel Co Kerry    
Cahirciveen Co Kerry Saidhbhin's fort.
Cahir Co Tipperary (Caher) Circular stone fort.
Callan Co Kilkenny    
Caledon Co Tyrone   Caledon
Carryduff Co Down Abhainn Cheathrú Aodha Dhuibh  
Cappagh Co Fermanagh BT70    
Cappamore Co Limerick An Cheapach Mhór  
Caragh Co Kerry    
Carlingford | Lewis 1837 Co Louth    
Carlow Town Co Carlow Ceatharlach Ceatharlach.  
Carnaross Co Meath    
Carndonagh Co Donegal    
Carnlough Co Antrim   Carnlough
Carrickfergus Co Antrim BT38 Carraig Fhearghais The rock of Fergus. Carrickfergus
Cavan Co Cavan    
Carrickmacross | Lewis Co Monaghan   Carrickmacross
Carrickmore Co Tyrone Big Rock. Carrickmore
Carrick-on-Shannon Co Leitrim Stone Weir on the Shannon.
Carrick-on-Suir | Lewis Co Tipperary    
Carrigadrohid Co Cork    
Carrigaholt Co Clare    
Carrigaline Co Cork Carraig Uí Leighin  
Carrigallen Co Leitrim    
Carrowteige Co Mayo    
Cashel Co Tipperary    
Castlebar Co Mayo Caislean an Bharraigh Barry's Castle.  
Castlebellingham Co Louth    
Castlecomer Co Kilkenny    
Castleblaney | Co Monaghan Castle of the Blaney's. Castleblaney
Castlecaulfield | Lewis Co Tyrone From Toby Caulfield, English planter. Castlecaulfield
Castleconnell Co Limerick    
Castledawson Co Derry   Castledawson
Co Tyrone BT81 Caisleán na Deirge Castle on the river Derg. Castlederg

Co Donegal

Castlefore Co Leitrim    
Castleknock Co Dublin   ,
Castleisland Co Kerry    
Castlerea Co Roscommon    
Castlepollard Co Westmeath Hill of the boars  
Castlerock Co Derry   Castlerock
Castletownbere Co Cork Baile Chaisleáin Bhéarra  
Castleisland Co Ferry Oileán Chiarraí  
Castletown Co    
Castlewellan Co Down BT31 Castle of the mill or perhaps "Castle of the island". Castlewellan
Castlemartyr Co Cork Baile na Martra  
Castleknock Co Dublin    
Cavan | Lewis 1837 Co Cavan The hollow Cavan
Celbridge | Lewis 1837 Co Kildare Cill Droichid Church of the bridge.  
Charlemont Co Armagh    
Charleville | Lewis 1837 Co Cork    
Claddagh | Lewis 1837 Co Galway    
Claddaghduff Co Galway    
Clane Co Kildare    
Clare | Lewis 1937 Coi Clare    
Clara Co Offaly    
Clarecastle Co Clare    
Claremorris Co Mayo    
Clifden Co Galway An Clochán  
Clogher Co Tyrone   Clogher
Clogher Co Tyrone BT76 Possibly stone building. Ass: with the ring fort .
Clogherhead Co Louth    
Clonakilty | Lewis 1837 Co Cork O'Caoilte's Meadow ?
Clonbur Co Galway    
Clondalkin Co Dublin    
Clonenagh Co Laois    
Clonee Co Meath    
Clones | Lewis Clones Co Monaghan Eo's meadow. Clones
Clondalkin Co Dublin    
Clonenagh Co Laois    
Clonkeen| Lewis 1837 County Galway    
Clonmacnois Co Offaly    
Clonmany Co Donegal    
Clonmel | Lewis 1837 Co Tipperary Cluain Meala Meadow of honey.  
Clonskeagh Co Dublin Meadow of the whitethorn  
Clontarf Co Dublin    
Clontiberet | in 1837 Co Monaghan Meadow of the well.
Clough Co Antrim   Clough
Clough Co Down   Clough
Clough Co Kilkenny    
Cloughmills Co Antrim   Cloughmills
Clougher Co Tyrone    
Cloyne Co Cork    
Coalisland Co Tyrone BT71    
Coachford Co Cork    
Cobh Co Cork An Cóbh Cove.  
Cong Co Mayo    
Coolock Co Dublin    
Cootehill | Lewis 1837 Co Cavan   Cootehill
Cork Co Cork    
Courtmacsherry Co Cork    
Craigavon Co Armagh BT62 to 67    
Cratloe Co Limerick    
Crookhaven Co Cork    
Co Cork (Town of the round hill.)  
Croom Co Limerick    
Crosshaven Co Cork    
Crowenstown Co Westmeath Visit Crowenstown School Website.  
Crumlin | in 1837 Co Antrim From The River Camlin. or possibly Crooked Glen.  
Crumlin | in 1837 Co Dublin    
Castlederg Co Tyrone    
Clogher Co Tyrone    
Coalisland Co Tyrone    
Clough Co Down Stone to Clough Castle  
Cloughjordan Co Tipperary Cloch Shiurdáin 'Jordan's stone'  
Cloone Co Leitrim    
Coachford Co Cork    
Cobh Co Cork    
Coleraine | Lewis 1837 Co Derry Cúil Raithin Nook of the ferns. Coleraine
Collon Co Cavan    
Comber Co Down An Comar 'The confluence of two rivers' Comber
Cong | Lewis 1837 Co Mayo    
Cookstown Co Tyrone BT80   Cookstown
Coolmine Co Dublin    
Cootehill Co Cavan    
Coolock Co Dublin    
Cordangan Co Tipperary    
Cork | Lewis 1837 Co Cork Corcaigh  
Corr na Móna Co Galway    
Coumdeehy | Lewis 1837 Co Kerry    
Courtmacsherry Co Cork    
Courtown Co Wexford    
Craanford Co Wexford    
Courtmacsherry County Cork    
Cove County Cork    
Cregganbaun Co Mayo    
Crookhaven Co Cork    
Croom Co Limerick    
Crossgar Co Down   Crossgar
Crosshaven Co Cork    
Crossmaglen Co Armagh   Crossmaglen
Crossmolina Co Mayo Crois Uí Mhaoilíona  
Coleraine Co Derry BT51 and 52 Nook of the ferns Coleraine
Crusheen Co Clare    
Crossmaglen Co Armagh    
Crumlin | in 1837 Co Antrim BT29   Crumlin
Curracloe Co Wexford    
Cushendall | in 1837 Co Antrim   Cushendall
Cullybackey Co Antrim   Cullybackey
Cushinstown Co Wexford    


Daingean Co Offaly   Ulster Towns Directory of 1910
Dalkey Co Dublin Deilginis  
Darkley Co Armagh    
Danescastle Village Co Wexford    
Dingle Co Kerry Fortress of O'Cush.
Delvin Co Westmeath Decendants of Dealbhaeth.  
Derrybeg Co Donegal    
Derry City Co Derry BT47    
Derrygonnelly | Lewis Co Eniskillen    
Dervock | Lewis 1837 Co Antrim    
Desertmartin Co Derry   Desertmartin
Dingle | \ Lewis 1837 Co Kerry    
Doagh Co Antrim   Doagh
Donabate Co Dublin Domhnach Bat  
Donaghmore Co Tyrone   Donaghmore
Donaghadee Co Down BT21 Church of St Diack Donaghdee
Doolin Co Clare    
Downings Co Donegal    
Downpatrick Co Down BT30 (Patrick's Fort)  
Downpatrick Co Donegal    
Dowra Co Cavan    
Drogheda | Lewis 1837 Co Louth Droichead Átha Bridge  
Dromod Co Leitrim    
Dromore Co Down BT25    
Drumahair Co Leitrim    
Dromahane Co Cork Dún Laoghaire,  
Drumcondra Co Dublin    
Dromiskin Co Louth Droim Ineasclainn 'Hill of the spring'  
Dromoland Co Clare    
Drumcondra Co Dublin    
Drumshambo Co Cavan    
Dublin Co Dublin Baile Átha Cliath  
Co Laois (Fort of Mase.)  
Dunboyne Co Meath Dún Búinne Fort of the Boyne ?  
 Co Wexford (Ceanann's fort.)  
Co Tyrone BT70 BT70, BT71  
Dundalk | Lewis 1837 Co Louth Dún Dealgan . Delgans Fort  
Dundonald Co Down BT16 Dún Dónaill, Dónall's fort.  
Dundrum Co Tipperary Fort of the Ridge.
Dundrum Co Down BT31 Fort of the Ridge.
Dundrum Co Dublin Fort of the Ridge.  
Dundrum Co Tipperary    
Dunfanaghy Co Donegal   .
Dungarvan Co Waterford Dún Garbháin  
Dungloe Co Donegal    
Dunlavin Co Wicklow    
Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin Lahoire's Fort (Irish High King)
Dunmanway Co Cork    
Dunmore East Co Waterford    
Dunshaughlin Co Meathe Dún Seachlainn Named after St Seachnaill  
Durrow Co Laois    
Durrow Co Offaly    
Durrus Co Cork    
Downpatrick Co Down    
Downpatrick Co Donegal    
Draperstown Co Derry    
Dromara Parish Co Down    
Dromore Parish Co Down   BT25    
Dungannon Co Tyrone Ceanann's fort.
Drumshambo Co Leitrim Ridge of the old cow.
Dungiven Co Derry    


Easky | Lewis 1837 Co Sligo  
Eastwall Co Dublin  
Edenderry | Lewis 1837 Co Offaly  
Edgeworthstown | Lewis Co Longford  
Elphin Co Roscommon  
Emly Co Tipperary  
Emo Co Laois  
Emmyvale Co Monaghan  
Ennis Co Clare Inis River meadow.
Enniscorthy | Up to 1837 Co Wexford Inis Córthaidh Ennis river meadow.
Enniskean Co Cork  
Enniskerry Co Wicklow  
Ennistimon | Lewis 1837 Co Clare Dioman's river meadow.
Eyeries Co Cork  
Enniskillen Co Fermanagh BT74 Cethle's island.


Falcarragh Co Donegal  
Farbane Co Offaly  
Farranfore Co Kerry An Fearann Fuar 'The cold land'
Feakle Co Clare Tooth.
Fenagh Co Leitrim  
Ferns Co Wexford
Place of alders.
Ferbane Co Offaly  
Fenit Co Kerry An Fhianait 'The Wild Place'
Fermoy 1837 Co Cork Mainistir Fhear Maí
Ferns Co Wexford  
Fethard Co Tipperary  
Fintona Co Tyrone Fionntamhnach 'The Fair Coloured Field'
Fintown Co Donegal  
Finvarra Co Clare  
Fivemiletown Co Tyrone BT75  
Foxford Co Mayo  
Foxrock Co Dublin Carraig an Sionnaigh
Foynes Co Limerick  
Frankford Co Offaly  
Freshford Co Kilkenny  
Frenchpark Co Roscommon  
Freshford Co Kilkenny  
Furbo Co Galway Na Forbacha


Galbally Co Limerick  
Galway City Co Galway Gaillimh Gailleamh's place.
Garryspillane Co Limerick  
Geesala Co Mayo  
Geevagh Co Sligo  
Gilford Co Down Magill's Ford
Glandore 1837 Co Cork  
Glanmire 1837 Co Cork  
Glenageary Co Dublin  
Gleannúir Co Cork  
Glenarm Co Antrim  
Glenealy Co Wicklow  
Glenties Co Donegal  
Glandore Co Cork  
Glangevlin Co Cavan  

Co Cork

Glanworth Co Cork  
Glencree Co Wicklow  
Glasnevin Co Dublin Glas Naíon
Glengarriff Co Cork  
Glengevlin Co Cavan  
Glengormley Co Antrim  
Glenquin    Co Limerick (Quin's glen.)
Glenties Co Donegal  
Glenwhirry Co Antrim  
Glin | Lewis 1837
Co Limerick (Glen.)
Glounthaune Co Cork Gleanntán
Goatstown Co Dublin Baile na nGabhar
Goleen Co Cork  
Golden Co Tipperary  
Goldenbridge Co Dublin  
Golden Falls    
Goleen Co Cork An Gólín
Goresbridge Co Kilkenny  
Gorey Co Wexford  
Gort | Lewis 1837 Co Galway  
Gortin Co Tyrone  
Gougane Co Cork  
Gougane Barra Co Cork  
Gowran Co Cavan  
Graiguenamanagh Co Kilkenny Village of the Welsh.
Granard Co Longford Granaruid Hill of the grain.
Greencastle Co Donegal  
Greencastle Co Down  
Greystones Co Wicklow Na Clocha Liatha
Greenore Co Louth  
Greystones Co Wicklow  
Groomsport Co Down Harbour of the gloomy servant.
Gweedore Co Donegal  


Hacketstown Co Carlow .
Harold's Cross Co Dublin Crois Araild
Headford Co Galway  
Hillsborough Co Down BT26  
Hilltown Co Down Named for landowners Hill.
Hollymount Co Mayo  
Holywood Co Down Sanctus Boscus meaning "holy wood"
Hollywood Parish Of Co Down BT18 Sanctus Boscus meaning "holy wood"
Horse and Jockey    
Hook Head Co Wexford  
Hospital Co Limerick  
Howth Co Dublin  


Inagh Co Clare Eidhneach 'Place with lots of ivy'
Inishcrone Co Sligo Inis Crabhann
Inistioge Co Kilkenny  
Inniscarra Co Cork  
Inniskeen Co Monaghan Beautiful island.
Irvinestown Co Fermanagh  


Jamestown Co Leitrim  
Jenkinstown Co Kilkenny  
Jenkinstown Co Louth  
Johnstown Co Kilkenny  
Johnstown Co Donegal  
Johnstown Co Dublin  
Julianstown Co Meath  


Kanturk Co Cork Ceann Toirc 'Boar's Head'
Keady Co Armagh Pass of the deer.
Kearney Co Down  
Kedue Co Roscommon Flat topped green hill.
Kells Co Antrim  
Kells Co Meath  
Kenagh Co Longford ,
Kenmare Co Kerry Higheat point reached by the tide.
Keshcarrigan Co Leitrim Ceis Charraigín
Kilbeggan Co Westmeath Fron the Irish name Cill Bheagáin, meaning "the church of St Bécán".
Kilcock. Co Kildare
Church of St Coca.
Kilcolgan Co Galway  
Kilcoole Co Wicklow Cill Chomghaill
Kilcormac Co Offaly Cill Chormaic From St Cormac
Kilcorney Co Cork  
Kilcullen Co Kildare  
Kildare Co Kildare Church of the oak grove.
Kilkenny Co Kilkenny Cill Chainnigh
Kilflynn Co Kerry  
Kilkee Co Clare  
Kilkelly Co Mayo  
Kilkenny Co Kilkenny  
Kilkeel Co Down BT34 Church of the Narrow Place.
Kilkieran Co Galway Church of St Ciernan.
Kilkishen Co Clare  
Kill Co Kildare  
Killadysert Co Clare  
Co Mayo (Church of St Ala.)
Killaloe Co Clare  
Killarney Co Kerry Cill Airne
Killenaule Co Tipperary  
Killeshandra Co Cavan  
Killeshin Co Laois Cill Uisen
Killiney Co Dublin  
Killorglin Co Kerry  
Killumney Co Cork  
Killyleagh Co Down Church of the decendants of Laoch
Killybegs Co Donegal  
Killucan Co Westmeath  
Kircubben Parish Co Down BT22  
Kilcok Co Kildare Church of St Coca.
Kilmacthomas Co Waterford Coill Mhic Thomáisín
Kilmaine Co Mayo  
Kilmainham Co Dublin Cill Mhaighneann
Kilmallock Co Limerick  
Kilmore West Co Dublin  
Kilmore Quay Co Wexford  
Kilmuckridge Co Wexford Cill Mhucraise
Kilpedder Co Wicklow  
Kilrush Co Clare  
Kiltimagh Co Mayo  
Kinawley County Fermanagh St Náile’s church
Kingscourt Co Cavan Dún an Rí 'Fort of the king'
Kinnegad Co Westmeath Cionn Átha Gad
Kinnity Co Offaly  
Kinsale Co Cork  
Kinvara Co Galway Cinn Mhara 'Head of the sea'
Knightstown Co Kerry An Chois
Knock Co Mayo  
Knockanure Co Kerry  
Knockcroghery Co Roscommon Cnoc an Chrochaire 'Hill of the hanging fort'
Knocknagoshel Co Kerry  
Knocktopher Co Kilkenny 61


Lahinch Co Clare  
Lanesborough Co Roscommon  
Laracor Co Meath Jonathan Swift was a vicar in Laracor
Laragh Co Wicklow  
Lauragh Co Kerry  
Larne Co Antrim BT40 District of Lahar 'A legendary prince'.
Laytown Co Louth  
Leap Co Cork  
Leap Co Offaly  
Lecanvey Co Mayo  
Lecarrow Co Roscommon  
Leighlinbridge Co Carlow  
Leitrim village Co Down Liatroim "grey ridge"
Leitrim village Co Leitrim Liatroim "grey ridge"
Leixlip Co Kildare Léim an Bhradáin Salmon leap.
Letterfrack Co Galway  
Letterkenny Co Donegal Leitir Ceanainn Hillside of the O'Ceananns
Lettermullen Co Galway  
Lifford Co Donegal  
Limavady Co Derry BT49 Leap of the dog.
Limerick Co Limerick Luimneach
Lisburn Co Antrim BT27 Lios na gCearrbhach Ring fort of the spring.
Liscannor Co Clare  
Lisdoonvarna Co Clare Lios Dún Bhearna The enclosure of the gapped fort.
Lismore Co Waterford Great Round Fort.
Lisnaskea Co Tyrone BT92  
Lisronagh Co Tipperary Lios Ruanach
Lissycasey Co Clare  
Listowel Co Kerry Lios Tuathail
Londonderry Co Derry  
Longford Co Longford  
Loughbrickland Co Down Briciu's Lake
Loughgall Co Armagh Bright lake.
Loughglynn Co Roscommon  
Loughinisland Co Down Island in the lake.
Loughrea Co Galway  
Lucan Co Dublin  
Lurgan Co Armagh An Lorgain Strip of Land.


Macroom Co Cork Sloping field.
Maghera Co Derry  
Maghera Co Down Rath-murbhuilg, the rath at the sea inlet
Magherafelt Co Derry BT45  
Markethill Co Armagh  
Malahide Co Dublin Mullach Íde
Mallow Co Cork Mala
Manorhamilton Co Cavan Formerly Cluainín Uí Ruairc, 'O'Rourke's meadowland,'
Mansfieldtown Co Louth  
Maralin Co Armagh  
Markethill Co Armagh Cnoc an Mhargaidh
Marshalstown Co Wexford  
 Co Kildare Maigh Nuad Nuadhat's plain.
Mayobridge County Down Droichead Mhaigh Eo "bridge on the plain of yews"
Meelick Co Clare  
Meelick Co Galway  
Meelick Co Mayo  
Midleton Co Cork  
Milford Co Donegal  
Millstreet Co  
Miltown Malbay Co Clare Sráid na Cathrach
Milltown Co Galway  
Mitchelstown Co Cork  
Moate Co Westmeath  
Moira Co Down  
Monaghan Town Co Monaghan Place of thickers.
Monamolin Co Wexford  
Monasterevan Lewis 1837 Co Kildare a monastery founded here, and made a place of sanctuary, by St. Abban, in which were afterwards placed monks from South Munster, by St. Emin, or Evin, in the seventh century
Monkstown Co Antrim  
Monkstown Co Cork  
Monkstown Co Dublin  
Moneymore Co Tyrone Great grove.
Mohill Co Leitrim Maothail
Mountmellick Co Laois  
Mountrath Co Laois  
Mountshannon Co Clare  
Moville Co Donegal  
Monivea Co Galway  
Moy Co Tyrone  
Moycullen Co Galway  
Moylough Co Galway  
Moynalty Co Meath Maigh nEalta
Co Mayo Plain of the enclosure.
Moyvane Co Kerry  
Muff Co Donegal  
Muine Bheag Co Carlow  
Mulhuddart Co Dublin Mullach Eadrad
Mullinaleck. Co Leitrim  
Mullinavat Co Kilkenny  
Mullingar Co Westmeath An Muileann gCearr Carr's Mill.
Mulrany Co Mayo  
Multyfarnham Co Westmeath  
Murrintown Co Wexford  
Murrisk Co Mayo  
Muskerry Co Cork  
Myshall Co Carlow  


Naas Co Kildare Nás na Rí A meeting place or fair.
Naul Co Dublin  
Navan Co Meath An Uaimh
Neale Co Mayo  
Nenagh Co Tipperary  
Newbridge Co Kildare An Droichead Nua
Newcastle Co Down BT33  
Newcastle Co Dublin  
Newcastle West Co Limerick  
Newmarket-on-Fergus Co Clare  
Newmarket Co Cork  
Newport Co Mayo  
Newry Co Down BT35 and 34 An tIúr The yew tree at the head of the strand.
New Ross Co Wexford  
Newtownabbey BT36 and 37 Co Antrim Baile na Mainistreach
Newtownards Co Down Baile Nua na hArda New Town on the Ards.
Newtownbarry Co Wexford  
Newtownmountkennedy Co Wicklow Baile an Chinnéidigh 'Town of the Kennedys'
Newtowngore Co Leitrim  
Newtownabbey Co Antrim  
Nobber Co Meath An Obair


O'Briensbridge Co Clare  
O'Callagans Mills Co Clare  
Oldcastle Co Meath  
Oldtown Co Dublin  
Omagh. Co Tyrone BT78 & 79 Virgin plain or sacret plain.
Omeath Co Louth  
Oola Co Limerick  
Oranmore Co Galway  
Oughterard Co Galway  
Owenbeg Co Sligo abhainn beag 'Little river'
Oysterhaven Co Cork 640


Palmerstown Co Dublin Baile Phámar
Parsonstown (Birr) | Lewis County Offaly  
Passage-West | Lewis 1837 Co Cork  
Patrickswell | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick  
Paulstown Co Kilkenny  
Palmerstown | Lewis 1837 Co Dublin  
Palatinetown | Lewis 1837 Co Carlow A colony of Palatines
Pallasgreine | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick  
Pallaskenry | Lewis 1837 Co Limerick Pailís Chaonraí 'The pallisaded fortress of Kenry'
Partry Co Mayo  
Paulstown Co Kilkenny  
Pettigo | Lewis 1837 Co Donegal Poiteagó
Philipstown | Lewis 1837 Co Offaly  
Pilltown | Lewis 1837 Co Kilkenny From the river Pill.
Pomeroy | Lewis 1837 Co Tyrone  
Portadown | Lewis 1837 Co Armagh Port an Dúnáin Landing place of the small fortress.
Portaferry Co Down Port of the ferry
Portarlington | Lewis 1837 Co Laois Named for Lord Arlington and a port on the river
Portavogie Co Down Harbour of the bog.
Porterstown Co Westmeath  
Portglenone | Lewis 1837    
Portrush BT56 | Lewis 1837 Co Antrim Port-ruis, the landing place of the peninsula.
Portlaois Co Laois  
Portarlington Co Laois  
Portmagee Co Kerry  
Portmarnock Co Dublin  
Portstewart BT55 Co Derry  
Portumna Co Galway  
Poulaphouca Co Wicklow Poll an Phúca 'The devil's hole'
Prosperous Co Kildare  


Querrin Co Clare  
Quilty Co Clare  
Quin Co Clare 314


Raharney Co Westmeath Ráth Athairne 'Aharny's fort'
Raheny Co Dublin Ráth Eanaigh
Ramelton Co Donegal  
Ranelagh Co Dublin  
Rathangan Co Kildare Ráth Iomgháin
Rathcoole Co Dublin  
Rathcoole Co Antrim  
Rathdowney Co Laois  
Ratoath Co Meath Ráth Tó
Rathcabbin Co Tipperary  
Rathfarnham Co Dublin  
Rathfriland Co Down  
Co Mayo Black Bran's ring fort.
Rathgar Co Dublin Ráth Gharbh
Rathkeale Co Limerick Ráth Caola
Rathmore Co Meath Big Rath.
Co Wexford (Ring fort of the descendants of ?)
Rathmines | Lewis 1837 Co Dublin  
Rathkeale Co Limerick  
Redhouse Co  
Rathmullen Co Donegal  
Rathvilly Co Carlow Ring fort of the sacred tree.
Ringaskiddy Co Cork Rinn ui Scidígh
Rivory Co Cavan  
Rochfordbridge Co Westmeath Droichead Chaisleán Loiste
Roosky Co Roscommom Rúscaigh
Roscommon Co Roscommon St Common's Wood.
Roscrea Co Tipperary Ros Cré 'Wood of Cre'
Rosenallis Co Laois Ros Fhionnghlaise 'Wood of the blackened stream'?
Rossport Co Mayo  
Rosscarbery Co Cork Ros Ó gCairbre
Co Mayo Earc's headland.
Rosslare Co Wexford  
Rostrevor Co Down  
Roundstone Co Galway Cloch na Ron (Roundstone)
Roundwood Co Wicklow  
Rush Co Dublin  
Rylane Co Cork Reighleán an Rince
Randalstown Co Antrim  
Rostrevor Co Down Treabhar's wood.




Co Dublin  
Saintfield Co Down  
Sallins Co Kildare Na Solláin
Salthill Co Galway  
Sandycove Co Dublin  
Sandyford Co Dublin  
Sandymount Co Dublin Dumhach Thrá
Scariff Co Clare Scariff 'Rocky ford'
Scarva Co Down Rough shallow ford.
Schull Co Cork Scoil Mhuire
Scotstown Co Monaghan An Both
Seaford Co Down Name from plantation family, previously called Nagan.
Shanagarry Co Cork An Seangharraí
Shanagolden Co Limerick  
Shannon Co  
Shannonbridge Co Offaly  
Shannon Harbour Co Offaly  
Shercock Co Cavan  
Shrigley Co Down  
Shrule Co Mayo Sruthair
Sixmilebridge Co Clare  
Skeoughvosteen Co Kilkenny  
Skerries Co Dublin Na Sceirí (Rocky isalnds. Norse)
Skibbereen Co Cork An Sciobairín 'Little boat harbour'
Skreen Co Sligo An Scrín
Skryne Co Meath Scrín Cholm Cille
Skull Co Cork  
Slane Co Meath  
Sligo Co Sligo Sligeach Shelly Place.
Sneem Co Kerry  
Spanish Point Co Clare Rinn na Spáinneach
Spiddal Co Galway Hospital.
Stepaside Co Dublin  
Stillorgan Co Dublin  
Strabane Co Tyrone BT82 An Srath Bán 'Fair River Valley'
Stradbally Co Laois  
Stradbally Co Waterford  
Strade   Co Mayo Street.
Stradone Co Cavan Sraith an Domhain
Straffan   Co Kildare Teach Srafáin 'Church of St. Srafan'
Strangford Co Down From the Norse.
Stranorlar Co Donegal Srath an Urláir
Strawberry Beds Co Dublin  
Strokestown Co Roscommon Béal na mBuillí
Suncroft Co Kildare  
Swinford Co Mayo Béal Átha na Muice
Swords Co Dublin Sord Sword of St Colmcille.
Swanlinbar Co Cavan 49



Tallaght Co Dublin  
Tallow Co Waterford Land or possibly hill.


Co Armagh  
Tarmonbarry Co Roscommon Tearmann Berach
Templemore Co Tipperary An Teampall Mór 'Big church'
Templeogue Co Dublin Teach Mealóg 'St Melog's church'
Templepatrick Co Antrim Church of St Patrick.
Terenure Co Dublin  
Termonfeckin Co Louth  
Thomastown Co Kilkenny  
Thurles Co Tipperary  
Timahoe Co Laois Teach Mo-Chúa
Timoleague Co Cork Tigh Molaige
Tinahealy Co Wicklow  
Tipperary Co Tipperary  
Tourmakeady Co Mayo  
Tubbercurry Co Sligo Tobar an Choire 'The well of the rock'
Tragumna Co Cork  
Tralee Co Kerry Trá Lí Strand of Li.
Tramore Co Waterford Trá Mhór 'Big beach'
Trim Co Meath  
Tuam Co Galway  
Tuarnafola Co Limerick Tuar na Fola
Tullaghan Co Leitrim  
Tullamore Co Offaly (Tulach Mhór) 'Great assembly hill'
Tullow Co Carlow Little hill.
Tulsk Co Roscomon Tuilsce
Tyrrellspass Co Westmeath Bealach an Tirialaigh
Two-Mile Bridge Co Tipperary  
Two-Mile Borris Co Tipperary  
Tydavnet Co Monaghan Tigh Damhnata 'The house of Dymphna'

Union Hall Co Waterford  
Upperchurch Co Tipperary An Teampall Uachtarach
Urlingford Co Kilkenny Áth na nUrlainn  


Vickerstown Co Laois  
Virginia | in 1837 Co Cavan  


Waterford | Lewis Co Waterford Port Lairge
Waterville Co Kerry  
Warrenpoint Co Down BT34  
Westport | Lewis 1837 Co Mayo Cathair na Mart
Wexford Co Wexford Loch Garman
Wicklow | Lewis 1837 Co Wicklow Cill Mhantáin Wykinglo 'Vikings meadow'
Windgap Co Kilkenny Beárna na Gaoithe


Youghal | in 1837 Co Cork .