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Ireland has a long tradition of music, both the high music of the bards and Kings, with their praise poems of celebration and laments, of pain and defeat. The Welsh chronicler Gerald Cambresis who came to Ireland in 1171 shortly after the invasion of Henry II wrote of the Irish harpers with praise and respect.

The music of Ireland has held a special place in psyche of its people, much of Ireland's long sad history has been reflected in its music. So much so that Laws against music were designed to break its place it the Irish heart. (See Statutes of Kilkenny 1366) But despite this Irish music is played in every corner of Ireland and indeed the world today.

Today almost every town and village has a pub or hotel where musicians gather at least once a week to play together, in the tradition of their forefathers. Choose a county from the jump menu at the top of this page and you will be taken to a pages where you can find the contact details of establishments where music sessions are held throughout Ireland.