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Irish Museums.

Museums in Ireland.

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Ireland has a wealth of museums and art galleries, where the treasures of the country are on display, they range from tiny one room museums in small rural villages, telling the story of the village and surrounding area, to large buildings located in the country's city's, displaying a multitude of articles relating to the islands history and heritage.

Many of the museums are not confined to a single building, but spread across acres of land, one such is The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra County Down, which has many buildings and displays within an area of about two hundred acres. You could spend a full day there and still find you have not seen it all.

We have many of these listed on this site together with their contact details and web site addresses, enabling you to visit the museum on line. While this will give you an insight into the content and ethos of the museum, it is of course preferable to actually visit it.

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