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Delvin Castle.

In County Westmeath.

Delvin Castle.


(Descendants of Dealbhaeth.)

Delvin castle was probably built some time in the fifteenth century by a member of the Nugent family. The Nugent's were descendants of Gilbert de Lacy a brother in law of Hugh de Lacy, Anglo Norman lord of Meath.

Originally the castle would have has four towers protecting the rectangular accommodation block, only the western two survive.

The mound to the south of the town was the site of a Motte and bailey (Mound with a wooden fort.) built around 1181 by Gilbert de Nangle. The first steps the Normans took after their initial capture of an area was to build a motte usually on the site of a captured native fortification, as was the case in Delvin. This strategy enabled them to hold the area until such time as a more substantial stone castle could be built.

Delvin Castle

Co Westmeath
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The name Delvin is derived from Dealbhna (The name of the people of the area.) The castle doesn't appear to be open to the public.