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In County Waterford.

Ardmore Cathedral and Round Tower.

St Patrick is generally accepted as the first to bring Christianity to Ireland in 432 AD, however there appear to have been pockets of Christianity prior to that date. Some time around the year 416 Declan a monk from Wales is reputed to have set up a religious house at Ardmore County Waterford. Folklore relates that Declan built the round tower in one night, when it reached its present height a woman gathering herbs asked Declan what he was doing, the saint threw down his trowel killing her, he descended the tower and threw her body to the top, where parts of it are said to have remained until recently. It would appear that little credibility can be attached to this story, as the building of round towers in Ireland is generally accepted to have begun in the 900's most likely as a response to Viking attacks.

Ardmore Round Tower in fact dates from the 12th century it rises to a height of 30 metres (97 feet), it consists of four storeys with the entrance door four metres above the ground.

Ardmore cathedral stands on the site of St Declan's Monastery, the present building represents many periods and archetectural styles, the oldest being the chancel dating from the 9th century, the south wall and east gable were added some time in the 14th century. The most notable features of the cathedral are the figure filled panels on the west gable of the nave which are thought to date from the 9th to 11th centuries.

St Declan and St Patrick are said to have met a number of times at Cashel, Declan's feast day is on the 24th July "Pattern day"

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