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Lismore Abbey.

in County Waterford.

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Lismore Addey.

Lismore Abbey was founded in 635 by St Mochuda, also known as St. Carthage, it once stood on on a steeply rising slope on the the southern bank of The River Blackwater, the site is now occupied by Lismore Castle,

St Mochuda is said to have spent most of his monastic life at Rathan in present day County Offaly, it is said that Carthage forced his monks to till the soil manually, refusing to allow them oxen. In 635 Prince Blathmac, son of Aedh Slaine evicted him and his whole community, it is thought this may have been because neighbouring communities were envious of his success. Although it may have been because he accepter the Roman dating of Easter, while the other local monasteries clung to the old Celtic dating. Mochuda or Carthage moved to Lismore, then known as Avonmore (The great river) there he founded the Abbey on land granted by the prince of the Desii, he died there two years later on 14 May 637 .

Lismore Abbey was to grow in importance, producing several eminent scholars, Saint Cataldus of Taranto, known as Cathal


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