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Ecclesiastical Sites
In County Tyrone.

Arboe High Cross.

(Ardboe height of cows.)

From the seventh to the 12th century, crosses and High Crosses went up all over Christian Ireland and there is a superb example of this peculiarly Irish art, 18-l/2 feet high, at Ardboe in the town land of Farsnagh, it has carved on it 22 panels of biblical scenes from both the Old and New Testaments. Another, not quite so tall, stands at the top of the main street in Donaghmore village.

The decoration on the cross is much weathered, the top panel which is the only one decipherable depicts the Flight into Egypt, it is thought the three figures above this represents the arrest of Christ

It is thought that Arboe Cross marks the site of a monastery founded by St Coleman in the 6th century, the monastery was destroyed by fire but appears again in the records in the mediaeval period. A little to the north of the cross there are some overgrown remains these may have once been part of the early monastic settlement.

A small church nearby probably dates from the early 1600's there are several ornate memorials in the churchyard which range from the 1700's to present day as the graveyard is still in use.