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Tullamore Co Offaly.

(Tulach Mhór)
'Great assembly hill'

County Offaly.


In 1785 the town of Tullamore was devastated not as the result of war or natural disaster, but an unfortunate accident, a hot air balloon flying over the town crashed in the town center and exploded setting fire to it is said one hundred houses, one of the few buildings spared was the pub.

Much of the town we see today is a result of the rebuilding which followed the disaster. 1798 marked a turning point in Tullamore's fortunes, it was in that year the Grand Canal reached the town, its arrival signaled the establishment of industries, such as brewing, flour milling and whisky distilling, the latter survives today in the Tullamore Dew distillery, which produces the famous spirit bearing its name. tours of the distillery are available, during the tour you get the opportunity to sample this unique liquor.

Tullamore has been the county town of Offalt since 1833, many fine buildings are to be seen in the town one of which is St Catherine's Church built, 1818 in the Gothic Revival style, it was designed by Francis Johnston the celebrated architect of Charleville Castle, built for Charles William Bury a wealthy land owner who later became Lord Tullamore, he eventually became Earl of Charleville.

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