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Castles in Offaly.


Birr Castle.

Lawrence Parsons was granted an 1,000 acre estate, his family were later ennobled as the Earls of Rosse, he built this massive castle in the 1620's on the site of the Offaly stronghold of the O'Carrolls, the local clan described as 'a hospitable, fierce yellow haired race'. The Earls of Rosse as far as we know still inhabit the castle. The castle was badly damaged by fire in 1823 it was rebuilt in the Gothic Revival style.

Birr castle has gardens which extend to 100 acres and are planted with flowering magnolias , cherry and crab apple, hornbeam alleys and box hedges which are claimed to be the highest in the world at 34 ft (32 M) The remains of the third Earls giant telescope are to be seen in the grounds which are open to the public.
Birr Castle
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(Cionn Eitigh.)

Kinnitty Castle situated in County Offaly at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains was once the home of Ely O’Carroll, the native Irish Chieftains of the area, who were subsequently disposed after after the plantation of Ireland.

One of the family Charles Og O’Carroll was one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence.

With a backdrop of the Slieve Bloom Mountains this tiny village which was laid out in the 18th century is worth a visit Nearby is castle Bernard built in Tudor Revival style in the early 19th century. Inside the Church of Ireland Church can be seen an early Christian grave slab. Kinnity Castle caters for weddings. Click on the link for contact details.

Kinnity Castle
Co Offaly
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