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Towns in Co Monaghan.

Clones Co Monaghan.


Clones Co Monaghan.

(Eo's meadow.)

The town of Clones is set amid the drumlin belt of County Monaghan, surrounded by hills, lakes, and rivers providing a varied and enchanting landscape for the visitor to explore. In the Diamond opposite Saint Tiernach's church is a early carved stone cross probably dating from the tenth century.

The Ulster Canal Store located in Cara street is the local Tourist information centre, you will find information on the many heritage and historical sites in the area, guided yours can be arranged. The building also incorporates the Clones Lace Gallery where a fine display of locally made lace is on display.

The substantial remains of a round tower 23 Metres (75 Ft) high stands in an ancient graveyard, just off Cara street on Ball Alley Lane. In this graveyard are some interesting headstones, they have the usual inscriptions most of which are illegibly, but the reverse side is carved with symbols which are most likely Masonic.

Read about Clones from Samuel Lewis' Topographical Directory of Ireland.

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